-produced by Mark Shelton-


Every true Manilla Road fan knows about Roadster Records, the company of Mark Shelton. The hard to find original releases of Metal, Invasion or Crystal Logic were on Roadster and if you see a copy of it somewhere on eBay, you should be prepared to pay way more than 100 $ for it.

But there was another band in the Wichita area around in that time, a band called STYGIAN SHORE. They played metal too, but not in the epic way the Road does. You can compare the band to the older Manilla Road song though because of some of the basic guitar riffs. The e.p. with four tracks was recorded in two days in March 1984 and were produced by Mark Shelton at Miller Studio, engineered by Larry Funk. True MR-fans know this name too.

The e.p. contains four tracks. Stygian Metal and Tidal Waves are really good songs, true early metal with great guitar-riffs. Donīt Look Now still is a good rocker, while Luv Ta Rock Ya isnīt that great...the name sais it all. The sound is pretty good for just two days of recording. Mark Shelton told me at the KIT that there is more material of the band and that he thinks about a release on CD. Hellroadie once told me that he is still in contact with the guys of STYGIAN SHORE...

Here is a mp3 of the song Tidal Waves from the e.p., a great song:
STYGIAN SHORE - Tidal Waves *

*please donīt ask me to send you a CDR-copy of the e.p. If there will be an official release someday you should support it!!