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Interviewer : Tommy & Steen
Published on : November, 2002


Interview with Karl Logan - Manowar


We'd arranged an interview before the concert in KB Hallen, Copenhaged on November 28. When we finally found the promotion guy who had set up the interview we were informed that the whole thing was delayed and things were running pretty hectic at the moment. It was not possible to say if there even would be an interview. Well, luckily we got ten minutes to talk to Karl Logan. There were many other questions we'd wanted to ask, but hopefully we will get another chance when Manowar return. This is how it went:

Steen: So, how does it feel to be back in Denmark?

Karl: Ah, it feels great. Usually it's brighter outside. It gets dark so early here. It's strange because we flew in from Cologne this morning. In Cologne the weather was beautiful. Really really nice and the sun was out. The we were here and all of a sudden it was dark and cold. It's nice to be back, but I'd rather be here in the summer you know.

Steen: Yeah, the last time you were here must have been at the Roskilde festival.

Karl: Yeah, that was a great festival. The fans are really good here, so we love to come back.

Steen: I read that you played at a German TV show called Top of the pops yesterday.

Karl: Yeah, We're the only heavy Metal band to be there since Iron Maiden. The way I look at that, is that it's just another way to bring Metal to people who might not otherwise have listened to it. It's a television show and it reaches a lot of young people and if we're ever going to get these kids to stop listening to rap and that crap this is a way. It's like taking the battle into the enemy's camp. You have to go in there and fight on their ground and that's what we're doing.

Tommy: Your new album "Warriors of the world" has been promoted heavily and you've been on various television shows and so on. Are there any new places you will go on this tour?

Karl: There has been a lot of things going on with the band. A lot of exciting things as far as Television and promotion and we already did Top of the Pops and we're going to do another show in Germany, which again is not a heavy metal show but it reaches a lot of young people and that's what you have to do. If you have an opportunity to take heavy metal to new people and make new fans then you have to do that, so we're just the prospect of these people being interested in Heavy Metal.

Steen: I know you have a Double DVD coming out with Hell on Earth Part II and a live show from Brazil. Are there going to be performances of some of the songs from Hell on stage on Hell on Earth Part II?

Karl: Yeah, actually the second Part is a lot more song oriented. The first video had a lot more crazy stuff, like backstage footage, just the lifestyle of the band. This is much more about the songs themselves and almost in a documentary type format. It's different than the first one. I think the fans will like it. There are a lot of songs on there that you wouldn't expect. Some of the older stuff we did on the second live album so it's definitely as unique and and as different as the first one.

Steen: How does it feel to tour with Manowar. You never get any sleep do you?

Karl: Ah, we squeeze sleep in where we can. I'll sleep tonight! We had a busy past couple of days and tomorrow we fly like I said back to Germany and do a television show and after that we drive straight to the gig again, so it busy, but hey... When opportunity comes you gotta take it, so we're working hard, reaching a lot of fans and making a lot of new ones.

Tommy: Can you tell us your funniest tour experience with Manowar. Do you have a favourite moment?

Karl: We have a lot of laughs and we have a really good time. I just told a story about what happened up here in Denmark about a fan I met up here sho came all the way up here from Australia. I was walking around here and I hear this kid with an Australian accent yelling my name and telling me this and that about Heavy Metal. He actually became a good friend of mine. This kid came and watched a couple of shows with us and he saved all his money and came all the way up here from Australia and now just about every six months he calls me and he'll call me and he'll say (Doing and Australian accent) "Hey Karl, do you know who this is man" and I only know one person who speaks with that accent, so that's pretty funny and it happened here in Denmark in Copenhagen.

Steen: Since you joined Manowar your life must have changed in a big way.

Definitely, this is what I've worked for all my life and it's been my dream all my life. In some ways it's what I thought it would be, in some ways it's more and in some ways it's different. It's not what people think it is, it's a lot of hard work. When we're on stage is the best time. When we are there with the fans, cause there's a lot of time sitting around and waiting for stuff to happen, waiting for soundcheck and there's a lot traveling. You don't eat right and you're always constantly in danger of getting sick just from being out traveling and being tired and stuff, but you know, it's a great life. I'll take this any day over working nine to five. I play with the loudest Heavy Metal band and that is as much as anybody would want.

Steen: The two new songs on The Dawn of Battle single, were they recorded during the Warriors of the World sessions?

No, they were done specially, only for this single. It was really crazy and really busy. We were getting ready for touring with rehearsing and picking songs to do and getting our outfits and, ordering equipment and all this stuff and in the mean time we had to go and record these songs. Write them, record them and finish them, so we're keeping really busy as you can see.

Tommy: The two live albums you have put out contains an incredible amount of songs. Have you found any new ones to bring on this tour. I read somewhere about Brothers of Metal

Yeah, that is one we have not played before. There's is some stuff in the setlist that you don't expect. Of course there are a lot of favourites, but there is also a lot of things that will surprise people and some of the ways the show is being presented. I'm just going to let you watch it tonight and report on it.

Steen: How is your status in the US? Has it changed since the release of Warriors of the world?

We have our base of fans in the US and they are just as loyal and true as anywhere. Unfortunately the media and the support system is not as well organised. It's not a well oiled machine as it is here in Europe. America is all about trends right now. All about pop music and Rap and shit like that. Quite honestly, we have so much business and fun and success in Europe that we're just not really working on America right now. It's not that we don't care, it's just that America's interests lay elsewhere and it's unfortunate, but time will come around and when it happens we will be there to capitalize on it.

Tommy: Are there any plans for new releases. Are you working on new songs?

Well, there's been these two new singles and they are going to be out there for a while. Then we're going to be working, probably looking at a new album within the next few years.

(I can see by the look on the promotion guys face that our time is up, so I squeeze one final gem of a question in there)

Steen: If you had to choose between a really big crate of beer and a hot woman which one would you choose?

Karl: (No hesitation whatsoever) The woman! (laughs) Because you can always buy the beer later. Women change their minds too quickly so if a woman wants you you'd better take advantage of it right here and there.

Tommy & Steen: Thanks for doing this

Karl: Same to you guys.

Interview done by Tommy & Steen on November 28'th 2002