Hey! We're Nico & Marlies Wobben, nice to meet you!

Welcome to our homepage! You can get some info about us, see a LOT of pictures and see what music we love... METAL!! We live in Heerlen, in the south of Holland. Close to the German and Belgian borders, so we spend quite some time abroad, in Germany esp. We've been together since 1993, married since September 20th 1996 :)

A few weeks back we unexpectedly had to say goodbye to our last cat Robin! That was a big blow for us and we were devastated. And the house is empty.. but we don't plan to take in new pets (or maybe just temporarily as a guestfamily) as long as we have emigration plans. Next October we're going back to Canada we've booked a car instead of a motorhome and domestic flights, so it's gonna be a nice roadtrip through the mountains and a lot of prairies! :) We'll be spending some vacation time in the Rockies, make some visits on our way to Regina where we'll stay a bit longer for some orientation.

In my journal you can read about what's going on in our lives and about updates in the pictures section.
(16.07.06 - Marlies)

October 2006 - booked: flights to Calgary and a rental car for 3 weeks:) Vacation to the Rockies as well as orientation in Regina
September 2005 - vaction on Crete, Kalives area
September 2004 - life-changing vacation to Canada

Nico Wobben

born: October 15th 1960 in Heerlen

work: neuro/brain care registered nurse

ICQ: 26848978

Wacken 2004  Nele Vlaeminck

Marlies Wobben (-Breeuwer)

born: Sept. 21st 1963 in Eindhoven

work: clerical job at our city hall

ICQ: 40944842