Hopefully we get a chance to tell you more about our hobbies - we have so many that keep us so busy that we never had a chance to tell you about it in here!;) But here's a short overview:

Most of our hobbies evolve around our love for and dedication to METAL! That means buying and listening to CDs, going to concerts and festivals, in Nico's case with his photocamera and in my case with a notepad. Nico's pics are on his website www.nicowobben.com (also check out 'about nico' for personal info by Nico), on many band- and fanpages, webzines, in magazines (Aardschok, Snakepit, Roadie Crew, Rock Brigade), books (Rockdetector) and on CDs (Jacobs Dream, Metalium; Annihilator, Devin Townsend and more). I write live-reviews to most of the shows we attend. With two friends I've set up a webzine of our own, Morrigan's Pit. Oh and that brings me to my #1 hobby, making websites! See the "our websites" section!

Another important part of our lives used to be our cute little caravan on a very natural campsite at a small creek in the woods, near an idyllic little town called Monschau. That's in Germany (the Eiffel), but only one hour drive for us. We sold it last August, because we didn't spend enough time there. Plus we wanted to get a camper or van instead, but with our recent emigration plans, we'll save that for a while;)

We also love to read (fantasy, Stephen King), or chat online, I used to print t-shirts but I hardly feel like it anymore (I used to do all sorts of creative things like drawing, knitting etc) and Nico counts his work (he's a registered nurse) among his hobbies too - that's dedication, right?:) I'd like to tell you more about it, but this is it for now - it'll give you an idea what keeps us busy:).