Nico's PhotoPit Nico's PhotoPit
Nico's professional live pictures of metal bands

Morrigan's Pit Morrigan's Pit
webzine about metal that Silkie, Cora and I set up together

the banner I made for the whereareyou.net page wobben.whereareyou.net
our corner on whereareyou.net that we used to update and keep in touch during our Canada vacation


I didn't make a seperate site for my website work yet, so I'll just list some sites here that I designed, next to the PhotoPit, MP and this homepage of course!

1998-2005 Brainstorm - official website for the German metal band (I also maintain this one)
2005 Into Eternity - official website for the Canadian metal band (I also maintain this one)
2005 Ferienwohnungen Ibrom, Ahrweiler - site for 3 holiday apartments in the historic centre of Ahrweiler, Germany
2004 Sextra Shop - online shop for classy lingerie and other erotic stuff
2004 Vakantiewoning Bastings, Epen - page for a gorgeous holiday apartment in the beautiful hills of southern Holland
2002 Tegenstrijdig Ongeloof - site for our good friend Wiel Smeets with the documents for his thesis in theology
2002 Reisboekhandel de Wegwijzer - site for a travelbooks shop in Haarlem (NL).
2000 Stereotype - acoustic project of two Organic. guys (not really updated anymore)
1999 Snakepit - supporting website for a underground metal print-magazine (one of my first designs, lame but they still use it)
not online anymore:
2000 Organic. - first version for the official website for the German rock band
2000 Jacobs Dream - two versions of the official website for the US metal band