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This Christian rock group from California was formed by guitarist Ray Parris and drummer Steve Whitaker in 1981. Enlisting the services of Jim Laverde (bass) and Mike Lee (vocals), they were initially reminiscent of Iron Maiden or Van Halen. Rock For The King featured turbo-charged metallic anthems with fluid guitarwork, delivered with steely conviction. Lyrically, the band explored themes such as abortion, drug abuse and terrorism, but explained rather than simply condemned these issues. Later releases saw the band afford greater use of melody, but without compromising their ideals or striving for commercial recognition. Hotter Than Hell was a strong live album that fully showcased the band's talents. It provided a much-needed shot in the arm for the credibility of Christian metal, which had suffered adverse press coverage for several years.


ROCK FOR THE KING 1986 4stars

Track list: 1. Dying Day 2. He Loves You 3. It's All Come True 4. Believe 5. Going Nowhere 6. Rock For The King 7. Give Your Life 8. Just A Touch 9. Light The Flame


Track list: 1. Dying Day 2. He Loves You 3. It's All Come True 4. Believe 5. Going Nowhere 6. Killers Of The Unborn (Live)* 7. Rock For The King 8. Give Your Life 9. Just A Touch 10. Light The Flame 11. Dead Lock (Live)* 12. Cultic Regimes (Live)* 13. He Loves You (Live)* 14. Living Dead (Live)* 15. Heaven Or Nothing (Live)*

Notes: *Bonus tracks on the Medusa Records reissue

ATOMIC ARENA 1988 5stars

Track list: 1. Imaginary Music 2. Killers Of The Unborn 3. In The Eye Of The Fire 4. Terrorist Child 5. Close To The Edge 6. Dead Lock 7. Cultic Regimes 8. Heaven Or Nothing 9. King Of Kings 10. Living Dead

Notes: Excellent album. Reminiscent of Iron Maiden. The best Barren Cross album.

STATE OF CONTROL 1989 4stars

Track list: 1. State Of Control 2. Out Of Time 3. Cryin Over You 4. A Face In The Dark 5. The Stage Of Intensity 6. Hard Lies 7. Inner War 8. Love At Full Volume 9. Biogtry Man 10. Two Thousand Years 11. Escape In The Night


Track list: 1. Imaginary Music 2. Dying Day 3. Killers Of The Unborn 4. Close To The Edge 5. Going Nowhere 6. Dead Lock 7. Opus To The Third Heaven 8. King Of Kings 9. In The Eye Of The Fire 10. Rock For The King 11. Light The Flame 12. Terrorist Child 13. King Jesus & Blues Jam 14. Give Your Life

Notes: Awesome Live album..

RATTLE YOUR CAGE 1994 4stars

Track list: 1. Rattle Your Cage 2. Here I Am 3. Unsuspecting 4. No Time To Run 5. Sick 6. Somewhere Far Away 7. Feed The Fire 8. Let It Go, Let It Die 9. Time For Love 10. JRM 11. Your Will 12. Midnight Son


Track list: 1. Ugly 2. Wanna-Maker 3. I Got My Head Stuck In The Cabinet 4. Row Your Boat 5. Fleas Of A Thousand Camels 6. To Die For 7. Turn Back Time 8. Home On The Rage 9. Slow Melt 10. Icebone 11. Andre's Song 12. Wingless Plane

Notes: Solo album by Barren Cross singer Mike Lee

Currently all Barren Cross titles are out of print, but may be available through special music sources.

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