Blind Guardian: left to right


The band was originally formed in 1985, under the name Luciferīs Heritage. They released two demos; "Symphonies Of Doom" (1985) wich wasnīt such a big hit, the other one though, "Battalions Of Fear", was very successful. After that they changed their name to Blind Guardian.
In 1988 they signed a contract and shortly after that, their first album, "Battalions Of Fear", was released. The following years (1989) they released their second album, "Follow The Blind", featuring appearances by formal Helloween-guitarist and present Gamma Ray-vocalist Kai Hansen. Appearances wich both included guitar-playing and some singing on the song "Valhalla" and "Hall Of The King".
When they released their third album, "Tales From The Twilight World", the German metal-quartet had made very great changes to their music. They had gone from raw speed-metal to a sound more melodic, offcourse the "speed" was still there, just listen to songs like "Goodbye My Friend" or "Welcome To Dying". This time they had, according to Hansi Kürsch who is the vocalist and bassist in the band, also spent more time on the lyrics.
The sound on their fourth album, "Somewhere Far Beyond" was to be pretty much the same as the sound on their previous one, with speed songs like the Satan cover "Trial By Fire" and their own song "Journey Through The Dark".
In wasnīt until the release of their fifth album, "Imaginations From The Other Side", that the sound was to be greatly altered and taken to a higher level. Mixing the old speed-sound with a new, more orchestral sound showed to be a great success. The album is the bandīs biggest success so far.
In 1996 the collection "The Forgotten Tales" was released, the album featured some covers, but also old, rerecorded BG-songs and a fantastic live-recording of the wonderful song "The Bardīs Song - In The Forest"...
When the bard's released their sixth full-length album this year, they showed that there is hardly no limit for their musical progress. Taking their music to yet a higher lever of complexity with Nightfall in Middle Earth must be one of the greatest events of german metal history.



Track listing: 1.Majesty 2.Guardian of the Blind 3.Trial by the Archon 4.Wizard's Crown 5.Run for the Night 6.The Martyr 7. Battalions of Fear 8.By the Gates of Moria 9.Gandalf's Rebirth (CD-Bonus).


Track list: 1.Inquisition 2.Banish from Sanctuary 3.Damned for All Time 4.Follow the Blind 5.Hall of the King 6.Fast to Madness 7.Beyond the Ice (instrumental) 8.Valhalla 9.Don't Break the Circle (CD Bonus) 10.Barbara Ann


track list: 1.Traveler in Time 2.Welcome to Dying 3.Weird Dreams (instrumental) 4.Lord of the Rings 5.Goodbye My Friend 6.Lost in the Twilight Hall 7.Tommyknockers 8. Altair 4 9.The Last Candle 10.Run for the Night (live)


track list 1.Time What is Time 2.Journey Through the Dark 3.Black Chamber 4.Theatre of Pain 5.The Quest for Tanelorn 6.Ashes to Ashes 7.The Bard's Song-In the Forest 8.The Bard's Song-The Hobbit 9.The Piper's Calling 10. Somewhere Far Beyond 11. Spread Your Wings (CD-Bonus) 12.Trial By Fire (CD-Bonus) 13.Theatre of Pain (Classical Version-CD-Bonus).


track list 1.Inquisition 2.Banish From Sanctuary 3.Journey Through the Dark 4.Traveler in Time 5.The Quest for Tanelorn 6.Goodbye My Friend 7.Time What is Time 8.Majesty 9. Valhalla 10.Welcome to Dying 11.Lost in the Twilight Hall 12.Barbara Ann


track list 1. Imaginations from the Other Side 2. I'm Alive 3. A Past and Future Secret 4. The Script for my Requiem 5. Mordred's Song 6. Born in a Mourning Hall 7. Bright Eyes 8. Another Holy War 9. And the Story Ends


track list 1. Mr. Sandman 2. Surfin' USA 3. Bright Eyes (acoustic version) 4. Lord of the Rings (orchestral version) 5. The Wizard 6. Spread Your Wings 7. Mordred's Song (acoustic version) 8. Black Chamber (orchestral version) 9. The Bard's Song (live) 10. Barbara Ann/Long Tall Sally
11. A Past and Future Secret 12. To France 13. Theatre of Pain (orchestral version)


track list 1.War of Wrath 2. Into the Storm 3. Lammoth 4. Nightfall 5. The Minstrel 6. The Curse of Feanor 7. Captured 8. Blood Tears 9. Mirror Mirror 10. Face the Truth 11. Noldor 12. Battle of Sudden Flame 13. Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill) 14. The Dark Elf 15. Thorn 16. The Eldar 17. Nom the Wise 18. When Sorrow Sang 19. Out on the Water 20. The Steadfast 21. A Dark Passage 22. Final Chapter (Thus Ends...)

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