band members: Mikael Dahl- Vocals/Backing Vocals/Guitars, Jonathan Nyberg- Guitars, Claes Wikander- Bass Guitar, Kujtim Gashi- Drums


The Beginning
Crystal Eyes was formed in 1992 by singer/guitarist Mikael Dahl and guitarist Niclas Karlsson. Mikael and Niclas had played in several bands before, but they both shared the same burning commitment to Heavy Metal music and they wanted to play in a band that was 100% dedicated to it. They completed the first line-up with bass player Christian Gunnarsson and the drum-machine Alesis HR-16, which was programmed by Mikael. Mikael and Niclas had been the major songwriters in their old bands, and it didn't take long until they had written enough material for the first demo, which was recorded in the early fall of 1992. Already at this early stage you could hear the fine melodic Heavy Metal ground on which Crystal Eyes stand today.

The Logotype
During 1993 Alesis HR-16 was replaced by a human drummer, and a new demo was recorded. On this demo Andreas Götesson for the first time appeared as an author of some of the lyrics. This co-operation has evolved over the years and Andreas is today more or less considered as a fifth member of the band. In 1994 Andreas also drew the original Crystal Eyes logotype for the first official demo, Crystal Eyes.

Through The Hard Times
In the spring of 1995 it was clear that the chemistry in the band wasn't working anymore. Some of the members wanted to change the musical direction of the band, but since Mikael didn't want to abandon the path of Heavy Metal, which was once the reason he formed Crystal Eyes, it became necessary to recruit new members who were 100% dedicated to Heavy Metal. Niclas and the drummer at the time, Martin Tilander, moved on to form the band Fierce Conviction, now only Conviction, which now is on the same label as Crystal Eyes, abs records.

A New Beginning
After having spent the summer searching for new members the line-up was completed in the fall of 1995 by drummer Kujtim Gashi, guitarist Jukka Kaupaamaa and bassist Kim Koivo. In May 1996 Kim left the band and was replaced by a temporary bassist, Marco Nicolaidis. A month later the second official demo, The Shadowed Path, was recorded. This turned out to be a real turning point for the band. It received very good reviews from several magazines, fanzines and webzines, and it certainly helped when Crystal Eyes got the opportunity to warm up for the mighty German metal act Blind Guardian in October 1996.

A Solid Line-up
In January 1997 Mikael found a worthy and permanent bass player in Claes Wikander, and in Mars the third official demo, The Final Sign, was recorded. It received even better reviews than the last demo. Since Crystal Eyes now had quite a big following of dedicated fans The Final Sign and The Shadowed Path sold out in just a couple of weeks, and Crystal Eyes were forced to make a second pressing of the two demos. In October this year Jukka was replaced by Jonathan Nyberg. This line-up, with Mikael Dahl, Jonathan Nyberg, Claes Wikander and Kujtim Gashi, has proven to be the most solid and harmonic ever for Crystal Eyes.

The Debut Album
In the spring of 1998 Crystal Eyes bought their own Digital Portable 8-Channel Studio, and used it to record the demo The Dragon's Lair. This proved to be a really lucky move for the band. The response from the fans were overwhelming and for the first time some record-companies began to show their interest. In October 1998 after hundreds of gigs, over 1000 sold demos and seven years of hard work Crystal Eyes finally got their long-awaited and well-deserved contract. It was Axel Thubeauville from Crazy Life Music/abs records who made Crystal Eyes an offer they couldn't refuse. Since Crystal Eyes had tons of material and everything already was rehearsed there weren't any reasons to wait. Axel booked time in Studio Mohrmann, Bochum, Germany. The recordings began on the 23:d of November and lasted for two weeks. In January 1999 the mixing and the mastering of the record were finished, and the result can be heard on Crystal Eyes' amazing debut album World Of Black And Silver...



Track list: 1. Queen Of The Night 2. Crystal Eyes 3. We Are The Future

Lineup: Mikael Dahl- Vocals/ Guitar, Niclas Karlsson- Guitar, Mikael Blohm- Bass Guitar, Martin Tilander- Drums


Track list: 1. Winds Of The Free 2. A Tale Of Forgotten Realms 3. The Shadowed Path Lineup: Mikael Dahl-: Vocals/ Guitar, Jukka Kaupama- Guitar, Marko Nicolaidis- Bass Guitar, Kujtim Gashi- Drums


Track list: 1. Rage On The Sea 2. The Final Sign 3. Twilight Dreams 4. Extreme Paranoia

Lineup: Mikael Dahl- Vocals/ Guitar, Jukka Kaupama- Guitar, Claes Wikander- Bass Guitar, Kujtim Gashi- Drums


Track list: 1. The Dragon's Lair 2. Victims Of The Frozen Hate 3. Interstellar War 4. Another Race

Lineup: Mikael Dahl- Vocals/ Guitar, Jonathan Nyberg- Guitar, Claes Wikander- Bass Guitar, Kujtim Gashi- Drums


Track list: 1. Interstellar War 2. Gods Of The World 3. Winds Of The Free 4. The Power Behind The Throne 5. The Dragon's Lair 6. Eyes Of The Forest Gloom 7. Rage On The Sea 8. Victims Of The Frozen Hate 9. Extreme Paranoia 10. Glory Ride 11. World Of Black And Silver

Lineup Mikael Dahl- Vocals/ Backing Vocals/ Guitars and Mountain-King-Growls, Jonathan Nyberg- Guitars and Hairless Ghostdance, Claes Wikander- Bass Guitar/ Dragons/ Starships/ Explosions and Birds, Kujtim Gashi- Drums and Mean Faces


Track list: 1. Time Flight 2. Sons Of Odin 3. Cursed And Damned 4. The Undead King 5. In Silence They March 6. Adrian Blackwood 7. Witch Hunter 8. The Rising 9. Somewhere Over The Sun 10. The Grim Reaper's Fate 11. Knights Of Prey 12. Winternight

Lineup: Mikael Dahl- Vocals/ Backing Vocals and Guitars, Jonathan Nyberg- Guitars, Claes Wikander- Bass Guitar, Kujtim Gashi: Drums.

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