band members l to r: Dan Delucie-guitars, Brian Craig-drums, James Rivera-vocals, Perry Grayson-guitars, Nardo Andi-bass


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Based out of Los Angeles, California. Destiny's End is a technical, melodic power/speed metal band fronted by James Rivera, formerly of the legendary band Helstar. Destiny's End delivers driving, heavy riffs, catchy hooks and thought provoking lyrics all packaged into well crafted songs. The intricate guitar work of Dan DeLucie and Perry Grayson combined with the thunderous and precise rhythm section of Nardo Andi (bass) and Brian Craig (drums) provide a solid foundation for the powerful vocals of Rivera. While maintaining originality, the influences of such metal icons as Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Helloween, Savatage and Judas Priest are evident in the band's unique songwriting.

Destiny's End his recorded their debut album entitled "Breathe Deep the Dark", with long respected producer Bill Metoyer, "Breathe Deep the Dark!' can be considered loosely conceptual with the lyrics mainly focused on questions of immortality and individualism. The album is a collection of intense songs displaying memorable melodies. blistering speed and extreme heaviness, thus defining the sound of Destiny's End.

Formerly of the band New Eden, DeLucie Craig and Andi have been gaining admiration for their debut CD Through the Make Believe (Sentinel Steel Records, 1997). The CD has received perfect scores in foreign magazines like Rock Hard and Heavy Oder Was-and they have opened for such top metal acts as Fates Warning-leaving metal fans across the globe clamoring for new material. Soon after the release of the album, New Eden joined forces with pioneering vocalist James Rivera known for his work with metal band Helstar. The band then chose a new moniker (Destiny's End), recruited the talented young axeman Perry Grayson and began writing material for what has now become "Breathe Deep the Dark".



Track list: 1. Rebirth 2. Breathe Deep The Dark 3. To Be Immortal 4. Idle City 5. The Fortress Unvanquishable 6. Sinister Deity 7. Unsolved World 8. Under Destruction's Thumb 9. Clutching At Straws 10. Where Do We Go? 11. The Obscure


Track list: No information available at this time.

Album will be released in October

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