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New Media and Power Metal donīt mix = Bullshit!

For HEAVENLY it took a band competition in the web to finally close a deal with Modern Music. Modern Music's site is visited by ten thousands of fans every month, reaching a peak of 140.000 visits in February alone. We thought it a practical idea to extend our A&R force by using this enormous potential and put sound files of several unsigned bands anonymously on our "Be Your Own Labelboss" competition. Reactions for HEAVENLY were overwhelming. Not only did they win the "Best Band Award"? miles ahead of the pack, but it was also the comments from the fans which were very convincing. "These must be unreleased Helloween tracks from the glory days of the Keeper albums but remixed in a now-style." "Don't try to fool me Modern Modern, this singer is Michael Kiske, without doubt." "If that`s not Helloween this is definitely what Helloween should sound like today." We are now proud to announce that HEAVENLY is not a synonym for a new Helloween project and the singerīs name is Benjamin Sotto and not Michael Kiske. But thousands of fans canīt be completely wrong and their questions do point in the right direction. The rough diamond HEAVENLY was shaped by Piet Sielck at Powerhouse. Melodic Metal celebreties like Kai Hansen made it twinkle. Just try it out: kill the lights, crank up your stereo and this album will glow in the dark ! We all knew there was a future in this music and with Heavenly's debut "Coming From The Sky" the future is now!



Track list: 1. Coming From The Sky 2. Carry Your Heart 3. Riding Through Hell 4. Time Machine 5. Number One 6. Our Only Chance 7. Fairy Tale 8. My Turn Will Come 9. Until I Die 10. Million Ways 11. Defender (bonus track with Digi Pack) 12. Promised Land (bonus track with Digi Pack)


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