Iron Savior is the creation of Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray) on guitar and lead vocals and long time friend Piet Sielck on guitar and lead vocals. The Band originally featured Thomen Stauch of Blind Guardian on drums. Currently the band consists of Hansen, Sielck, Jan-S. Eckert (bass), Andreas Kuck on keyboards and Dan Zimmermann (Freedom Call) on drums. Iron Savior has released 3 albums.



Track listing:1. The Arrival 2. Atlantis Falling 3. Brave New World 4. Iron Savior 5. Riding on Fire 6. Break It Up 7. Assailant 8. Children of the Wasteland 9. ProtectThe Law 10. Watcher in the Sky 11. For the World 12. This Flight Tonight


T rack listing: 1. Coming Home 2. Starborn 3. Deadly Sleep 4. Forces of Rage 5. Captain's Log 6. Brothers (of the Past) 7. Eye to Eye 8. Mind Over Matter 9. Prisoner of the Void 10. The Battle
11. Unchained 12. Forevermore 13. Metal Invaders 14. Gorgar (Vers. '98) 15. Neon Knights 16. Dragonslayer


Track listing: 1. Iron Savior (Live at WOA) 2. Brave New World (Live at WOA) 3. Watcher in the Sky (Live at WOA) 4. Riding on Fire (Live at WOA) 5. For the World (Live at WOA) 6. Contortions of Time 7. Touching the Rainbow 8. Stonecold 9. The Hatchet of War 10. Desert Plains

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