Ivory Tower l to r: Thorsten Thrunke (d), Stephan Machon (k), Andre Ficher (v), Stephan Laschetzki (b), Sven Böge (g)


Since the summer of 1998 there has been a new, very promising, band standing in the wings - Ivory Tower from Germany - who are ready to add their own sound to the current boom of the Progressive Power Metal. Their self-titled debut album combines powerful metal songs with symphonic and polished rhythms.
It contains eight brillant metal songs which cover the entire spectrum from ballads to foot-tapping rockers and fro the epic to speedier numbers. "Ivory Tower" was produced by the band itself. Rainer Kalwitz, the artist whose work can already be admired on KenZiner, Shadow Gallery, Radakka and Destiny's End, was responsible for their cover design.



Track listing: 1 - One Life In Asia 2 - A Distant Light 3 - Alive 4 - Falling Leaves 5 - Spring 6 - She 7 - Music 8 - Blinded


No information available. Release date is 4/17/00. US release date is unknown.

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