Kamelot was founded in 1991 by guitarist Thom Youngblood and drummer Richard Warner and based out of Florida. In 94 Kamelot signed to Noise Records Germany. In 95 their debut album "Eternity" was released. The band consisted of Youngblood, Mark Vanderbilt-vocals, Glenn Barry-bass, Dave Pavlicko-keyboards, and Warner. Eternity earned praise from both critics and fans and Kamelot was voted as one of the most promising new comers in Metal.

In  96 their second album "Dominion" was released. It received even more attention than "Eternity". Fans and sales would increase over the next year and Kamelot was being touted as one of the new leaders in Melodic Metal from the US. 

Following the success of "Dominion" many tour opportunities became available, however, Vanderbilt and Warner could not tour and there appeared to be no possibilty that they would ever be able too. Kamelot's first goal was to find a new drummer and Casey Grillo was hired after one audition. Many singers were auditioned but none were suitable until Roy Khan (formerly of the band Conception) came along. 

With the new Kamelot ready, work began on the next album. "Siege Perilous" was released in 1998. This album as with the first two was highly praised by fans and critics. Kamelot's first tour of Europe followed. 

After the tour was completed the band took some time off to write and relax. Youngblood spent time in Virginia and Khan's native Norway to get fresh ideas for the new material. With the new material written, Youngblood enlisted Sascha Paeth to produce. Paeth is known for his work with Rhapsody and Angra and his own band Heaven's Gate. With the producer and songs set, preproduction began in Florida. In August 99 recording began in Germany. Keyboardist Miro (who was worked with Paeth and Rhapsody) would work on the album. Work was completed in November. The new album "The Fourth Legacy" is set to be released in Feb. 2000 and should set a new standard for Kamelot and the Melodic Metal genre...


ETERNITY 1995 (Debut album)

Track listing: Eternity, Black Tower, Call of the Sea, Proud Nomad, Red Sands, One of the Hunter, Fire Within, Warbird, What About Me, Etude Jongleur, The Gleeman..

Eternity is a excellent album. It has a great mix of melody and metal. Thom Youngblood is an excellent guitarist. Mark Vanderbilt is an excellent singer (eventhough he is no longer with Kamelot, I hope to see him a new band someday). Best tracks are Eternity, Black Tower, Call of the Sea, and Warbird.


Track listing: Ascension, Heaven, Rise Again, One Day I'll Win, We Are Not Separate, Birth Of A Hero, Creation, Sin, Song of Roland, Crossing Two Rivers, Troubled Mind...

Another great album, Kamelot is progressing nicely. Best tracks are Heaven, Risa Again, Birth of a Hero.


Track listing: Providence, Millenium, King's Eyes, Expedition, Where I Reign, Parting Visions, Once A Dream, Rhydin, Irea, Siege. Excellent album. Features new singer Roy Khan. Best tracks are Providence, King's Eyes. Once a Dream, Rhydin.


Track listing: New Allegiance, The Fourth Legacy, Silent Goddess, Desert Reign, Night of Arabia, The Shadow of Uther, A Sailorman's Hymn, Alexandria, The Inquisitor, Glory, Until Kingdom Come, Lunar Sanctum.. Another excellent album, may even be their best. Really shows off the teamwork of Khan and Youngblood. Best tracks are The Fourth Legacy, The Shadow of Uther, Until Kingdom Come...


Track listing: 1. Intro 2. Until Kingdom Comes 3. The Shadow Of Uther 4. Millenium 5. A Sailorman's Hymn 6. The Fourth Legacy 7. Call Of The Sea 8. Desert Reign/Nights of Arabia 9. We Three Kings 10. One Day 11. We Are Not Separate Notes: Live recordings April 2000. Tracks 9-11 are previously unreleased studio tracks.

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