Band Websites

The Official KISS Website

The Official Eternity X Website

The Official Aiged Lamh Website-Great Epic Metal band from Greece

The Official Rising Faith Website-Great Melodic Metal band from Sweden

The Official Iced Earth Website-Great Power Metal band from the United States

The Official Paralysis Website-Melodic Power Metal band from Holland

The Official Without Warning Website-Melodic Metal from the United States

The Gateway to the Electric Castle-Official Ayreon Website

The Official Stratovarius Website

Symphony X-The Edge of Forever

Stratovarius-Dreamspace by Sami-Pekka Haavisto

The Offical Vanden Plas Website

Angra-The Goddess of Fire Circle by Menelaos Megariotis

The Official Kamelot Website

War's Home Page-Great site featuring many bands

The Official Iron Maiden Website

A great Rhapsody fan site

The Official Dream Child Website

My KISS website

Record and Music Label sites

Lion Music from Finland. Home of Alex Masi

Inside Out Music-Home of Abraxas, Eldritch, Symphony X and Vanden Plas

Inside Out America.

Limb Music Products & Publishing-Home of Abraxas, Angra, Eldritch, Luca Turilli and Rhapsody.

Noise Records Europe-Home of Stratovarius and Kamelot

Noise Records USA

Nuclear Blast Germany-Home of Stratovarius

Nuclear Blast America

Metal Blade Records USA-Home of Symphony X

Magna Carta Music-Home of Royal Hunt, Ice Age, Shadow Gallery.

Empire Entertainment-US distributor of Angra, Abraxas, Avalon, Eldritch, Heaven's Gate, and Rhapsody

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