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Following the releases of two spectacular albums by the bombastic Italian metal band, Rhapsody, guitarist and composer Luca Turilli now presents his first solo album. Behind the title "King Of The Nordic Twilight", Turilli celebrates an orchestral metal sound which can best be described as epic fantasy metal, which excels in hymn-like melodies and complex often classical instrumentation. As on the two previous Rhapsody albums, "King Of The Nordic Twilight" again permits an insight into Luca Turilli's musical vision of capturing the energy of classical music and the grand atmosphere of cinema soundtracks whilst uniting these with melodic heavy metal.

Luca Turilli's playing is technical, complex and sensitive alike. His greatest wish is to include as many elements from the music of different cultures in the way he plays. "I'm thinking of a new kind of World Music," he explains, "so I'm trying to combine the social essence of different kinds of cultures in my work." Turilli's musical influences are primarily the great classical composers, namely Vivaldi, Paganini, Bach, etc., whilst his greatest guitar idol is Jason Becker. But his great passion lies in cinematic soundtracks, the compositions of which, especially those by the great Jerry Goldsmith, Danny Elfman, Basil Poledouris etc. have especially influenced him. These compositions form a new musical category, which Luca Turilli describes as "Classical music for the new millennium".

"King Of The Nordic Twilight" was produced by Sascha Paeth (Heavens Gate, Rhapsody, Angra etc.) and Miro. The recordings and mixing took place between April and June 1999 in Paeth's own recording studio. The classical choir parts, for which Turilli hired an opera choir from northern Germany, were recorded in the Gate Studio in Wolfsburg, Germany. In addition, the album also features musicians playing original orchestral instruments such as the violin, viola, flute, cembalo and piano. Luca Turilli wrote all of the songs himself, played all the guitar parts and even some of the keyboard parts. And if that were not enough - he was also responsible for the basic orchestral arrangements. He is particularly proud of the work done by vocalist Olaf Hayer (Lord Byron, Treasure Seeker, ex-Chryztyne), whose clear, expressive voice gives the songs both depth and forcefulness. Other guest musicians on the album include Miro (keyboards), Robert Hunecke-Rizzo (drums, Heavens Gate) and Sascha Paeth (Bass, acoustic and other guitars). The cover artwork comes from the artist Eric Philippe, who was also responsible for the beautiful covers of both Rhapsody albums, as well as that of the debut album of the German metal band Mob Rules.

"King Of The Nordic Twilight" represents the first chapter of the aptly named "Virtual Odyssey" trilogy: three CDs, three worlds, three different places of great extremes in time and space but all of which have something in common: a universal love which is so strong that it can overcome all frontiers and can take on an endless battle against the might of cosmic obscurity. This, the first chapter tells the story of Kalgor, a northern land ruled by the terribly tyrant Saroth. The oppression, terror and bondage of Kalgor is the world into which Saroth's son Atriel is born. Atriel turns away from his father's cruelty but is forced to flee Kalgor as a result. The theatrical music of the album serves not only as an illustration but also as a backdrop for the sad tale.

The musical styles range from up-tempo metal tracks such as "Legends Of Steel" and "Where Heroes Lie", diversified epic tracks la "Kings Of The Nordic Twilight", to ballads such as "Warrior's Pride" and "Princess Aurora", with an impressive performance by the Icelandic opera diva Rannveig Sif Sigurdardottir. The atmospheric "Lord Of The Winter Snow" with its polka-like rhythm lends the opus a certain gaiety. The first single from the album will be the metal hymn "The Ancient Forest Of Elves". "King Of The Nordic Twilight" will be released in September 1999, and will be preceded by the single in August.



Track listing: The Ancient Forest of Elves, Warrior's Pride (duet version), Knight of Immortal Fire. This is the single for King of the Nordic Twilight...


Track listing: To Magic Horizons, Black Dragon, Legend of Steel, Lord of the Winter Snow, Princess Aurora, The Ancient Forest of Elves, Throne of Ice, Where Heroes Lie, Warrior's Pride, Kings of the Nordic Twilight. Luca Turilli delivers again, this time on a solo project. An excellent album. King of the Nordic Twilight is the first of a three part epic...

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