band members l t r: Matthias Mineur (g), Oliver Fuhlhage (g), Klaus Dirks (v), Arved Mannott (d), Thorsten Plorin (b)


Mob Rules was formed in 1994 by bass player Thorsten Plorin and guitarist Matthias Mineur. The two had left their former band "Van Blanc" after four years in order to become more professional. They found the perfect line-up by calling on the young, talented drummer Arved Mannott. As vocalist they hired Klaus Dirks, whose melodic, impressive voice has mad its own special mark on Mob Rules sound from the start.
This line-up played numerous shows in Germany in order to test their musical concepts live on stage. The press immediately reacted with huge enthusiasm. Numerous journalists dubbed the band Germany's new hope of the melodic power metal scene.
Spring 1996 saw an addition to the line-up in the form of guitarist Oliver Fuhlhage, whose expressive solos gave the band sound even more color. In Autumn of the that year the band went into the studios to record their first mini album., which gave foretaste of the concept of "Savage Land". The first pressing sold out within a few weeks and the samples they sent to five record companies all attracted prompt reactions, three offering the band a deal by return post.
After much condsideration the band decided to sign a contract with Limb Music Publishing and to polish the details of their planned concept album "Savage Land". In 1998 LMP offered the band a contract and it didn't take long to come to an agreement.
"Savage Land" was released in 1999 and is an exceptional debut album...
News... None to report at this time.



Track listing: 1. Prologue 2. Insurgeria 3. Rain Song 4. Hold Back the Light 5. Secret Signs 6. Savage Land part 1 (Strangers in Time) 7. Savage Land part 2 (Planista) 8. Savage Land part 3 (No Reason Why) 9. Coast to Coast 10. Blaze of First Warning 11. Pray for Sunlight 12. Down in Nowhere Land 13. End of all Days


Track listing: Not available at this time. Notes: Release date is November 13, 2000 for Europe and Japan and December 2000 for the US.

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