band members l to r: Achim Jager (g), Harold Merkx (k,g), Tony Pinto (v), Jurgen Grozinger (d), Dirk Kurth (b)


Sharon was formed in October 92, when the keenest musicians of two popular young bands from Germany joined forces to form a new band.
In 1993 Sharon stood on stage for the first time to present their new material to the public. The reaction was so encouraging that the band decided to take part in a "Newcomer" contest. Sharon did well in this contest placing 3rd out of 60 bands.
The band went into the studio for the first time to record a demo at the request of a record company. Sharon then went on tour with many well known bands to improve their live performance.
In 1996 the band had a lineup change as Dirk Kurth (bass) joined. Along with singer Toni Pinto, guitarist Achim Jager, keyboarder and guitarist Harold Merkx and drummer Jurgen Grozinger, Sharon polished their style.
1998 saw the band together with Charlie Bauerfield, a well known producer in the field of melodic metal, producing twelve diversified songs. The songs were now waiting for release under the title "Edge of Time". The band signed a contract with Limb Music Publishing.
The outlook for a successful career for the band is therefore excellent and the band is already standing on the start line. In other words, the time is right for Sharon to try to take that big step with their debut album "Edge of Time."



Track listing: 01.Sweet Family 02. Stop Draggin' 03. Lies 04. Can You Remember? 05. Once 06. Waiting For The Rain 07. Miss The Day 08.
Love Don't Bother Me 09. Take It Or Leave It 10. Work 11. Hold You 12.
Is It True? 13. 25 Hours A Day

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