band members l to r: Derek Smalls-bass & vocals, Nigel Tufnel-lead guitar & vocals, David St. Hubbins-lead vocals & guitar


Rock and roll is here to stay and no one has done more staying than Spinal Tap! From their origin in the London music scene of the 60s -- playing in bands like the Originals (later renamed the New Originals) and the Thamesmen -- to their current role as Legends of Hair Metal, Spinal Tap, the world's loudest band, has left a mark on rock that may never be erased. Composed of lank-haired lead singer David St. Hubbins, pseudo-poetic co-lead guitarist Nigel Tufnel, fiery, funny lead bass player Derek Smalls, the band's fifth drummer, the late Mick Shrimpton, and catatonic keyboard wizard Viv Savage, Tap set the rock world aflame when their comeback tour supporting their controversial 12th album, "Smell the Glove," was chronicled by rockumentary auteur Marty DiBergi. Now with an ever-changing fanbase around the world and on the internet, could a "Behind-the-Music" Special be far behind?

In his post-Tap life -- following their disastrous world tour that began and ended in Honshu, Japan -- David St. Hubbins married his longtime lady, designer Jeanine Pettibone, in 1986, and settled with her in Pomona, CA, where Jeanine opened a new-age boutique while David coached soccer and produced up-and-coming, young, garage bands. In recent years, St. Hubbins has been collaborating by mail with his amateur musician father, Ivor, on an "all scat" version of Bizet's Carmen.

Following a trip around the world, Nigel Tufnel returned to his farm in Kent and began a second career as an inventor, developing folding wine glasses and the amp-capo, a new musical notation system.

Derek Smalls took over his father's telephone sanitation service and later joined the popular Christian rock band Lambsblood (famous for mass baptisms in the slam pit). When Lambsblood next-to-headlined at a "Monsters of Jesus" concert in Orange County, CA, a chance meeting with St. Hubbins led to Smalls' decision to, as he puts it, "throw in my lot with evil again."


Spinal Tap Sings (Listen to the) Flower People and Other Favorites Megaphone, 1967

Songs: (Listen to the) Flower People (2:33), Have a Nice Death

Notes: Released in England as Spinal Tap. Album is out of print.

We Are All Flower People Megaphone, 1968

Songs: We Are All Flower People, To Fly, I Am Flight, Get Me Away From the Ground, The Incredible Flight of Icarus P. Anybody

Notes: Rereleased in 1969 without title track as The Incredible Flight of Icarus P. Anybody. Album is out of print

Silent But Deadly Megaphone, 1969

Songs: Short 'N Easy (18:37), Breakfast of Evil, Silent But Deadly

Notes: Live album. Album is out of print

Brainhammer Megaphone, 1970 (#NLA184)

Songs: Big Bottom (3:31), Lie Back and Take It, Swallow My Love, Brainhammer

Notes: Album is out of print

Nerve Damage Megaphone, 1971

Notes: Album is out of print

Blood to Let Megaphone, 1972

Songs: Blood to Let

Notes: Album is out of print

Intravenus de Milo Megaphone, 1974 (#DST2891)

Songs: Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight (2:35), Saliva of the Fittest

Notes: Album is out of print

The Sun Never Sweats Megaphone, 1975 (#DS201)

Songs: Daze of Knights of Old, The Princess and the Unicorn, The Obelisk, The Sun Never Sweats (4:24), Stonehenge (4:36)

Notes: Album is out of print

Jap Habit Megaphone, 1975

Songs: Nice 'N Stinky, Devil Take the Hindmost, Nocturnal Mission (instrumental)

Notes: Live triple album; U.S. release was double album. Album is out of print

Bent for the Rent Megaphone, 1976

Songs: When a Man Looks Like a Woman; High Heels, Hot Wheels; Heavy Duty (4:26), Bent for the Rent

Notes: Album is out of print

Tap Dancing Megaphone, 1976

Notes: Album is out of print

Rock 'N Roll Creation Megaphone, 1977 (#NLA1249)

Songs: Young, Smug and Famous, Rock 'N Roll Creation (4:06)

Notes: Also known as The Gospel According to Spinal Tap. Album is out of print

Shark Sandwich Polymer, 1980 (#D18892)

Songs: No Place Like Nowhere, Throb Detector, Sex Farm (3:19)

Notes: Album is out of print

Smell The Glove Polymer, 1982

Songs: Hell Hole (3:06)

Notes: Rereleased with all-black cover. Below is the original cover for Smell The Glove. Album is out of print

Heavy Metal Memories Metalhouse, 1983 (#D404)

Songs: Sex Farm (3:19), Stonehenge (4:36), The Incredible Flight of Icarus P. Anybody, Blood to Let, Big Bottom (3:31), Brainhammer, Silent But Deadly, Bent for the Rent, Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight (2:35), Break Like the Wind (4:35), Cups and Cakes (1:31), Rainy Day Sun (3:42), (Listen to the) Flower People (2:33), Heavy Duty (4:26), The Sun Never Sweats (4:24), (Again With the) Flower People, Nice 'N Stinky, Rock 'N Roll Creation (4:06), Gimme Some Money (2:24)

Notes: Album is out of print

Spinal Tap: The Original Soundtrack Recording from the Motion Picture This Is Spinal Tap Polydor, 1984

Songs: Hell Hole (3:06), Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight (2:35), Heavy Duty (4:26), Rock 'N Roll Creation (4:06), America (3:29), Cups and Cakes (1:31), Big Bottom (3:31), Sex Farm (3:19), Stonehenge (4:36), Gimme Some Money (2:24), (Listen To The) Flower People (2:33)

Notes: Not to be confused with Smell the Glove, their 1982 release. (They have similiar covers.)

Break Like the Wind Dead Faith/MCA, 1992

Songs: Bitch School (2:51), The Majesty of Rock (3:55), Diva Fever (3:06), Just Begin Again (4:53), Cash On Delivery (3:04), The Sun Never Sweats (4:24), Rainy Day Sun (3:42), Break Like the Wind (4:35), Stinkin' Up the Great Outdoors (2:50), Springtime (4:02), Clam Caravan (3:37), Christmas With the Devil (4:33), Now Leaving on Track 13 (2:08), All The Way Home (2:09).

Notes: A version of the album on vinyl picture disc was issued in the U.S. as a promotion and sold in the U.K. One side contains the artwork from the album cover, the other shows a Spinal Tap logo and song list. The album also was released as a nonfunctioning promotional 8-track.

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