Interview : Christian Liljegren from Narnia
Conducted by Erlend

1. Narnia is one of the best neoclassical metal band around these days. Could you just, as an introduction, tell us something about the band and how exactly you got started?

Carljohan and I formed the band in the beginning of 1996. We shared the same vision and passion for this kind of music.
During 1997 after we have recorded Awakening we got the final line-up for the band. Andreas johansson : drums, Jakob Persson: Bass and martin Claesson: Keyboards.

2. The thing about Narnia which for me is so cool, is the whole concept... It's a pretty funny coincidence that I stumbled over your internet site when I just had ordered all 7 Narnia books by C.S.Lewis. So I bought your cds aswell :) Do you guys love these books just as much as I do?

Yes we love the books  about the land of Narnia.

3. Those books are obviously referring to Christianity a lot... is that the reason you chose to make it the concept of the band?

Yes we are all Christians in the band and we like the way C.S Lewis describes Christianity in his books so the name for the band was freat for our kind of Music.

4. In the songs of Narnia, I often hear similarities of bands like Europe and Yngwie Malmsteen. Which bands would you call your biggest inspiration?

Our biggest  musical influences in Narnia is Malmsteen, Rainbow, Ronnie James Dio to mame a few.

5. Many songs, like Break the Chains, Living Water and Dangerous Game can in my opinion easily be characterized as power metal, while others are more neoclassical hard rock. Do you consider yourself as a power metal band?

We are a melodic metal band.

6. What do you think of the metal scene today?

It is better than it was a couple of years ago but I hope we will see a new era for hardrock and heavy metal again.

7. Could you tell a bit about your solo album? Since Carljohan writes most of the music in Narnia, I am wondering how the album will be musically... More speed/heaviness?

My soloband Christianīs Powertime is more heavy metal than Narnia. More uptempo songs but still very melodic.
We are 6 members in the band. Per Hallman: Keyboards, Stefan Olsson: Guitars, Fredrik Åberg: Guitars, Andreas Olsson:Bass and Andreas Johansson from Narnia on drums. It is lot of twinguitars in Powertime. If you like Impellitteri, Pretty Maids etc you will love Powertime. Hopefully the debutalbum will be out autumntime 2000.

8. Are any other members of the band planning on releasing a solo album?

Carljohan will form a band besides Narnia. No details so far.

9. Do you have any contact with other Swedish metal bands, i.e. Hammerfall?

I have met them but I donīt know them. I have close contact with Lars Chriss from Lionīs Share. He has co-write 2 songs with me for my soloalbum.

10. About the next album: How will it be like? Have you decided any title for it yet? Is Carljohan still writing most of the music, or will any of the other members participate with it?

The album has a lot heavier approach than the other 2. Itīs still very neoclassical and Carljohan write all the music and I write the lyrics.

11. Which is your favorite Narnia release?

Long Live The King

12. And the best song?

I have three song that I like alot Break The Chains, Dangerous Game and Long Live The King.

13. And finally; Are you planning on any big tours? Will you visit Norway in the nearest future?

No dates booked but I hope we will come to Norway after the third release.

Thanks for the interview, Christian! På gjensyn!