reviewed by Erlend

After the breakthrough with Tales From the Twilight World , it seems impossible that Blind Guardian could top it and make an better-or equal album... but they did! Somewhere Far Beyond is as good as Tales From the Twilight World, if not better! The songs are maybe a bit more complex, and the sound on this album is not completely alike the others. But that only makes it original, and very good! My favourites: Time What is Time, Bard's Song (pt 1 and 2), Theatre of Pain and Somewhere Far Beyond...

On my copy there are also 3 bonus tracks; Spread Your Wings - kinda silly cheerfull Queen tune they covered, Trial By Fire - great song, thypical Blind Guardian, and Theatre of Pain (Orchestral Version) - pretty similar to the original, just more orchestral (duh).

Overall, this album rules from the beginning to the end, despise the very unnessecary interludes Black Chamber, and The Piper's Calling.

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