reviewed by Erlend

Edguy rules! End of the line... Theater of Salvation is great in all ways an album could be great. Ok, so there are some very thypical power metal ballads (Land of the Miracle, Another Time), which are boring (as I said: thypical power metal ballads), but the rest of the CD is simply amazing. Just listen to the extremly powerful songs Babylon, Wake up the King, Falling Down, Arrows Fly and the epic title track Theater of Salvation (13 minutes).

If you get the digipak-release, you'll get two bonus tracks as well: For a Trace of Life (ballad) and Walk on Fighting (live in Milan), which also appears of Vain Glory Opera...

If you are a power metal band, and love bands like Helloween, Blind Guardan, Angra etc... you MUST get this album. Period!

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