reviewed by Erlend

You might be wondering why I have a Europe release from 1984 on my power metal site? Well, in my opinion, Europe's 2 first records WERE power metal ! There are even some double-bass drummin on some of the songs, i.e. Scream of Anger.

Anyway, about the music; this is Europe's best album ever and one of my personal favourites of the 80's. I mean, shit, this means a goddamn lot to me. I got this album when I was like ... 9? Ok, so I'm only a teenager now, but thats irrelevant. The point is that this album is one of the favourite in my collection... beautiful, melodic metal with a lot of cool guitar riffs. The intro song Stormwind is maybe the best Europe song ever, and brings back a lot of memories. Also, Scream of Anger is fantastic, with it's bombastic riff and neckbreaking speed (compared to other albums in 1984). The double-bass drumming is totally awesome. Other great songs are Wings of Tomroow and Lyin' Eyes.

Sure, there are some glam elements in this album too, but what did you expect? It's the 80s! To any Europe fan; Blow the dust of your copy of "Wings of Tomorrow", put it in your cd player and play it again... and again... and again.... etc...

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