Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 2 (1988)

This is probably the best power metal release of this century. It's a true classic, any metal fan who does not own this album should be ashamed of themselves! I should in fact be ashamed myself who didn't get this masterpiece until very recently. There are nothing but classics on this album; this is how power metal should sound like!

Suddenly when I put this on, and the song "Eagles Fly Free" came on, I realized where Edguy have gotten their influences from. Kiske sounds a lot like Sammett from to times, and the melodies and riffs have major similarities to Edguy. Anyway, the songs "Eagles Fly Free", "Dr. Stein" (which sounds a bit funny even) "March of Time", "I Want Out" (which by the way Hammerfall have recently covered) and the brilliant epic "Keeper of the Seven Keys" are the standout tracks on this album, and gets me every damn time.

Get this album without any doubt whatsoever. And I mean that!

Reviewed by Erlend