Morifade - Possesion of Power

Loud'n'Proud Records 1999

The Swedish power metal scene is getting better and better! This rather new band, playing Symphonic Melodic Speed/Power Metal, kinda like a mix between Labyrinth, Edguy and Rhapsody have released their first full-lenght album "Possesion of Power", and it's completely awesome! It might not be the most original bands I've ever heard, but does that really matter, as long as traditional medieval power metal is awesome?

Lots of double bass drumming, energy, great guitar solos and an awesome voice, makes this one of the best releases of 1999. If you like Hammerfall, Labyrinth, Edguy, Rhapsody, Helloween etc... you can't go wrong with this record, especially if you find the medieval/classical influences in power metal specially attractive!

Although there's a lot of awesome songs here, my favourite track must be the epic, over 7 minutes long final track "Ancient Prophecy". Other awesome songs are "Cast a Spell", with a really awesome intro, riff and chorus, "The Signs" - powerful song though it has a bit cheesy intro, and "World of Steel" the more traditional metal song on this release.

I don't know what more I should say, except these three words: Buy or Die!

Reviewed by Erlend