Seven - Break the Chains

Loud'n'Proud Records 1999

This is very interesting... with their debut album, this swedish band manage to make their own particular sound, mixing heavy metal, hard rock and a little bit of folk music. The result is unique, and very good in fact. I have to admit that it took some time for this to grow on me, but my opinion is now that they have a lot of great stuff here.

Even though I think the music can be labeled as power metal, it haven't got either the power metal speed and not even double bass drums. This band has obvious got their roots in 80's metal, and as I've already mentioned, they have developed their own style with folk inspired heavy metal/rock...

The best songs must be "Break the Chains" which has got a really awesome riff, "One With the Land" and "Eternal Conflicts". The song "Black Circle" has a very cool opening riff, but gets somewhat cheerful and a bit cheesy on the verse... But after a while, it developes into a very good song with a nice riff. The kind of stuff hat grows on you. This album is emotional and very moody for a change, and overall it's very good. It can't really be compared to any other band, I think they have created their own genre with "Break the Chains".

Reviewed by Erlend