Supreme Majesty - Divine Enigma MCD
Loud'n'Proud Records 1999

A totally fresh Swedish heavy/power metal band, with lots of influences from both 80's heavy metal, and power metal from the 90's. Their first release, the four track MCD called "Divine Enigma" is a good album, though the production could be a little better.

Good voice, cool double bass and overall lots of nice riffs makes this album definately worth buying. The opening track "No Farewells" sounds very 80's heavy rock, maybe a bit like Europe and a little bit of Malmsteen, in the beginning, but changes later to more traditional power metal. The next song "Die in a Dream" is my personal favourite, pure power with an awesome riff. The next one, "King of Eternity's Realm" sounds a LOT like 70's hard rock in the beginning, but this track also transforms into power after a little while. Very good, powerful track with lots of energy. The ending tune "The Blood We Spilled" proves that this band knows how to make passionate metal ballads, though I'm not very fond of these.

In contrast to most power metal bands these days, Rikard Larsson doesn't have that high-pitched, girly vocals, but sings in a much darker style. Overall, it's a good release, with some adjustments it could be really great!

Reviewed by Erlend