Catalogue number: MF 01
Genre: Epic Metal
Release Date: April 2002
Format: CD

 EPIC METAL Warriors! RAGING STORM is deeply influenced by cult legendary bands such as BROCAS HELM, WARLORD, MANILLA ROAD, RUNNING WILD, METALUCIFER, OMEN, SORTILEGE etc. including all the 80's US and NWOBHM scene. They have supported BROCAS HELM in their first appearance ever in Europe, Greece. They have opened also for PRIMAL FEAR and they have shared the stage with local Greek bands such as the greatest BATTLEROAR, DREAM WEAVER, REFLECTION, INNER WISH, AIRGED LAMH etc.

 The same titled debut cd of RAGING STORM captures all the ideal feelings of epic metal! Pounding guitars, furious rhymes, unique vocal lines, interesting song writing! A must for all freaks of underground heavy metal!!!

 Cover artwork made by Harry Buldamour (bass player of RAGING STORM) and the layout by George Z (guitarist of DREAM WEAVER, responsible also for the artwork of REFLECTION, DREAM WEAVER etc.)

1. Intro
2. Raging Strom
3. Sons Of Valhalla
4. The Devil Speaks
5. The Warrior
6. The Last Stand
7. Heavy Metal Faith
8. Kingdom Of Hades
9. Holy War
10. Minotaur

Some words from the press: 
  • "RAGING STORM is one of my 5 all time (existing in life) bands" - Manos Koufakis (METAL INVADER \ STEEL CONJURING)
  • "RAGING STORM shred!!" - Sascha (METAL COVEN \ HELLION)
  • "RAGING STORM are already part of the glorious heavy metal! - EPIC METAL GODS SALUTE YOU!!!"- Antonis (HOLY SWORD)