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Steamhammer/SPV - 2000
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Demons & Wizards - Self Titled

Fiddler On The Green

Steamhammer/SPV - 1999
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Freedom Call - Stairway To Fairyland

Tears Of Taragon

Noise - 1999
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Gamma Ray - Powerplant

Razorblade Sigh

Noise - 1999
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Helloween - Metal Jukebox

Space Oddity

Noise - 1998
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Iron Savior - Unification

Brothers (0f the Past)

Spitfire - 1999
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Testament - The Gathering


Snapper Music - 2000
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W.A.S.P - The Best of The Best
Volume I 1984 to 2000

I Wanna Be Somebody (Remix)

MetalHeart 1998-2000