A | Ásmegin
Style : Viking/Folk Metal
Status: Active
Country : Norway
Band Members :
Lars Nedland - Clean vocals
Erik F. Rasmussen - Death vocals
Raymond Håkenrud - Guitar
Marius Olaussen - Guitar & Accordion
Tomas Torgersbråten - Bass, Backing vocals
Tommy Brandt - Drums
Lars Fredrik Frøislie - Piano, mellotron, keys
Sareeta - Fiddles, vocals

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Ásmegin began in late 1998 as a Norwegian Viking metal band and motivated by the will to merge traditional romanticism with heavy metal. The demo, which followed the lead of their previous effort — its sound still markedly representing the Viking metal genre, yet leaning more heavily on the folkloric aspects — was unfortunately never released, and future prospects turned grim as the band slowly dismantled.

In experimenting heavily with Scandinavian folk music, Ásmegin has been fortunate to feature the exceptional work of gifted musicians such as Lars Fredrik Frøislie (White Willow, Wobler) on piano and samples, Lars Nedland (Borknagar, Solefald) on vocals, Sareeta (Ram-Zet) on fiddle and female chants, Anne Marie Hveding on additional female chants, Oddrun Hegge on the Norwegian zither, Gunhild Førland on the flute, and Anja Hegge Thorsen on the Jew's harp

The name:
Ancient Nordic word. The name represents the unique and versatile powers of the Norse gods.

Naar Rimkalkene Heves

Demo - 1999

1. Valgalder
2. Alvesang Fager
3. Over Havet
4. Vargdans

Hin Vordende Sod & Sø


1. Af Helvegum
2. Bruderov paa Hægstadtun
3. Huldrandans - Hin Grønnkledde
4. Til Rondefolkets Herskabb
5. Over Ægirs vidstragte Sletter
6. Slit Livets Baand
7. Efterbyrden
8. Op af Bisterlitiern
9. Vargr i Véum - Eilivs Bane
10. Blodhevn
11. Valgalder

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