D | Death Army
Style : Epic Folk Metal
Status: Active
Country : Italy
Band Members :
Becky: celtic harp
Alex: drums
Axel: guitar
Igor: voice
Giorgio: bass
Franky: violin

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Death Army play Epic Folk Metal. The lyrics are inspired by tales of Northern Gods, Battle in their native country (called Insubria for the celtic period, and Langard in the Longobards times). They are also working for the new Folkearth album.


Demo - 2002

1. Ossian
2. Longobardia
3. Ossian (edit version)

Made In Insubria

Demo -2003

1. Ossian
2. Ossian (edit version)


Demo - 2004

1. Longobardia
2. Brian Boru's March
3. Ragnarok
4. Mountainfest

2005 Gathering of Clans
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