E | Echo of Dalriada
Style : Folk Metal
Status: Active
Country : Hungary
Band Members :
Binder Laura: female vocals, violin, flute
Ficzek Andras: male vocals, guitar
Fispan Marcell: guitar
Nagy Gergely: synth
Varga Gyorgy: bass
Rieckmann Tadeusz: drums

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Echo of Dalriada style is epic-folk-metal with other musical elements (Hungarian folk music, renaissance music).
The band was founded in 1998 in Sopron (Hungary), but the final line-up and the active period started in February 2003. The band name was chosen in this time too.

The name:
The Scots came from a kingdom in Ireland which was known as Dalriada. This kingdom corresponded roughly with the modern County Antrim in Northern Ireland. The Dalriada crossed the North Channel from Ireland to Kintyre in Scotland, eventually establishing a kingdom around Argyll. The first record of this migration is in 258 A.D. The Dalriadan kingdom in Scotland overshadowed that in Ireland, and the kings made their home in Argyll, in its ancient capital of Dunadd.

A Walesi Bárdok (The bards of Wales)

Demo - 2003

1. Wales
2. 500 máglya (Five hundred stakes)
3. Mi zúg...? ('Ods blood...)

cover of the famous ballad of János Arany



1. Intro
2. Védj meg Láng
3. Népdal
4. Vérző Ima
5. Szabad Madár
6. A Rab Gólya
7. A Walesi Bárdok
8. Ötödik Nap
9. Outro

*Track 7 is the complete first demo "The Bards of Wales"

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