F | Folkearth
Style : Folk/Viking Metal
Status: Active
Country : Sweden (with members from various countries)
Band Members :
Magnus Wohlfart - Guitar, clean-, grim- and backing vocals, keys, bass guitar, mouth harp (Yggdrasil)
Jeremy Child - Drums, grim vocals (Yggdrasil)
Jonas Fröberg - Keyed-fiddle, backing vocals
William Ekeberg - Cello, backing vocals
Kristofer Janiec - Violin
Michelle Maass - Female vocals, kulning
Marios Koutsoukos - Keyboards
Nikos Nezeritis - Acoustic guitar
Stefanos Koutsoukos - Bass
Ruslanas - Spoken vocals
Athelstan - Drums, guitars (Forefather)
Wulfstan - Guitars, bass, vocals (Forefather)
Chrigel Glanzmann - Uilleann pipes, tin whistle, bodhran (Eluveitie)
Hugin - Keyboards (Hrossharsgrani)

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The history of the group has begun at February 2004 when creation of project which could unite musicians from different countries (Greece, Lithuania, England, Switzerland, Austria and Sweden) who play folk and pagan metal idea has originated from some musicians (Yggdrasil, Forefather, Trymheim, Ravenclaw, Eluveitie etc). After a series of negotiations the possibility of this idea realization has become evident. In spring 2004 musicians of different countries have begun a musical material recording.

A Nordic Poem


1. Intro (The Pipes Are Calling)
2. Wolfsong In Moonlight
3. Horned Trolls And Mystical Folk
4. Rhyming With Thunder
5. Eldritch Sorcery And Faery Runes
6. In Odin's Court
7. Storm Ravens Come
8. Gryningssång
9. Gaelic Valor
10. Outro

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