H | Hordak
Style : Pagan Metal
Status: Active
Country : Spain
Band Members :
Autumn - Guitars, Vocals & Drums
Winter - Guitars, Drums
Vascón - Bass

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Hordak was born in 2002, when Winter and Autumn started to play and together. Then, some riffs and ideas were turned into songs. Some time after, "Miguel", an old friend of the band, joint the Pagan Order. He took charge of the bass guitar.
They three started to play together to perfect the songs for the recording of their first album, "War Has Just Begun", seven song, three of them included on their first demo too, but they were re-recorded. The album was self-produced and self-financed and was recorded in only two autumns night.
Hordak play Celtiberian-Pagan Metal.

The name:
[Not sure if this was the inspiration for the band name but it's all I could find related to the name]
Hordak is a character from the 'Masters of the Universe' cartoon. He is Commander of the planet Etheria, leading a band of ruthless warriors to do his bidding.


Demo - 2003

1. Keltoy Warriors
2. Black Figure Of War
3. Alpha Draconis
4. Wintersun
5. The Forgotten Oath

War has just Begun


1.The Arrival Of The New Season
2. Keltoy Warriors
3. Beers Axes And Oak
4. Neton Mit Uns
5. The Forgotten Oath
6. Birth Of Solstice
7. Black Figure Of War

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