L | Landvaettir
Style : Pagan Black Metal
Status: Active
Country : France
Band Members :
Arvran - guitars
Wrath - drums
Melkor - bass
Thorbj°rg - keyboards
Lindisfar - vocals, guitars

Official Website
First of all, it is significant to specify that, even if " LandvŠttir " live in Orleans (France), the members of the band (except Wrath) are Normands (from Normandy in France).
As a consequence, the discussion thread of our band is turned towards the glorious past of our region.
We are also looking for making the Asatr¨ (old pagan scandinavian religion ) a respectable religion and we do protect the interests of our land ( the unity of Normandy, learning Icelandic language at school, towns signspots written in French-Icelandic display , and the re-establishment of the worship of Asatru).
We exclusively plays Normand Asatr¨ pagan black metal.

The name:
Etymologically," landvŠttir" means spirits guards of the places, which is to linked with the worship of nature and deaths, and this name truly qualifies our music.

Asatru krigen

Demo - 2000

1. Innledning
2. Strandh°gg
3. Pagan Normandy
4. Gabriet and the hidden treasure
5. Asatr¨ Hordes
6. The rising of "dark" to Walhalla

Asgards brautum


1. Intro
2. The Last Raid Of The Walkyrie
3. Pat Var Enn Fˇlkvig Fyrst ═ Heimi
4. One-Eyed's Words
5. Asgards Brautum
6. Aegishjalmur
7. Hagal Pa Nyd
8. Galdrastaf
9. Divine Nature

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