L | Lumsk
Style : Viking/Folk Metal
Status: Active
Country : Norway
Band Members :
Alf Helge Lund - Drums
Espen Hammer - Bass
Espen Warankov Godø - Keyboards
Eystein Garberg - Guitar
Ketil Sæther - Guitar
Siv Lena Waterloo Laugtug - Violin
Stine-Mari Langstrand - Female Vocals

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LUMSK was started back in 1999 by guitarist Bjørnar and drummer Alf. After a lot of line-up changes they managed to record a 4-track demo-CD in October 2001. Lumsk’s debut album “Åsmund Frægdegjevar” was released by Tabu Recordings in August ‘03.The response and media attention was overwhelming. Lumsk has just finished their second full length album, “Troll”. It was recorded and mixed during six weeks at the “Skansen lydstudio” in Trondheim. Troll” will in the end turn out as a massive production, where musicians from different musical backgrounds and genres get together to make an album that’s guaranteed to be noticed! In addition to the band’s seven members, guest performers are used frequently through the whole production. From the classical scene you have a string quartet and Andreas Elvenes on vocal (also member of “The 3rd and the Mortal”). Horn blowers from Trondheim’s jazz scene contribute with trumpets and trombones. The actor Stian Hovland Pedersen (from the Theatre of Trøndelag) reads dialogs, and the all female choir “Embla” (used on a regular basis by the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, and winners of different international competitions) give their vocal inputs on several tracks.

Åsmund Fregdegjævar

EP - 2002

1. Nytinne tvä
2. Ormin Lange
3. I Trollehender
4. Kampen Mot Bergetrolli

Åsmund Fregdegjævar


1. Det var Irlands kongi bold
2. Ormin lange
3. Skip under lide
4. I trollehender
5. Hår som spunnid gull
6. Slepp meg
7. Skomegyvri
8. Olafs belti
9. I lytinne två
10. Langt nord i Trollebotten
11. Fagran fljotan folen
12. Kampen mot bergetrolli
13. Der e ingin dag'e



1. Nøkken
2. Trolltind
3. Dunker
4. Allvis
5. Åsgårdsreia
6. Perpålsa
7. Blæster
8. Byttingen

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