O | Odroerir
Style : Medieval/Pagan Folk Metal
Status: Active
Country : Germany
Band Members :
Fix - vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, large schalmei (Menhir)
Stickel - acoustic and electric guitar, small schalmei
Ivonne - vocals
Ralph - bass guitar and background vocals
Philipp - drums

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ODROERIR (the poet's met in the Nordic legends) is a side project of Fix (Menhir), who here is living out his faible for medievally influenced Folk Metal. As with the Menhir albums his home of Thuringia is predominant in the lyrics

The name:
"Stirrer of inspiration"; the mead of poetry.
After the war of the Æsir and Vanir, the two godly tribes sealed peace by spitting into a bowl and creating Kvasir from the mingled spittle. He was said to be the wisest of all creatures. He was slain by two dwarfs, who brewed the mead of poetry (Odroerir) from his blood. The name derives from kvase (Norwegian), kvas (Russian), a kind of fermented berry juice traditionally prepared by communal chewing of the berries and spitting into a bowl.


Demo - 1998

1. Prolog
2. Iring
3. Menosgada
4. Salzschlacht
5. Baldurs Träume

Laßt Euch Sagen Aus Alten Tagen...


1. Präludium (Instrumental)
2. Menosgada
3. Salzschlacht
4. Brudermord
5. De exidio Thuringiae
6. Iring
7. Zur Taverne
8. Dolmar (Instrumental)


EP - 2004

1. Odroerir
2. Idafeld



1.  Ginungagap (Intro)
2. Weltenanfang
3. Wanenkrieg
4. Odroerir
5. Ask und Embla
6. Zwergenschmiede
7. Skirnirs Fahrt

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