O | Olam Ein Sof
Style : Acoustic Folk
Status: Active
Country : Brazil
Band Members :
Marcelo Miranda : Acoustic guitars
Fernanda Ferretti : Acoustic guitars, vocals

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Inspired both by heavy metal and classical music (ancient and contemporary), as well as heathen and celtic cultures, mediaeval world and occultism, Marcelo Miranda (Arum) and his wife Fernanda Ferretti decide to come together as a guitar duo, trying to search for a unique identity, developing their own songs by mixing their influences and individualities.
Bringing the concept of a mystical journey of the celtic nation, Olam Ein Sof then releases “Immram”. Each of the thirteen songs shows a phase of a warrior´s saga until his death, culminating with the rise of his future heir. And, in order to improve this piece, some other instruments were added, such as flutes, violins and keyboards.

The name:
Olam Ein Sof (“World of the Infinites”)

Olam Ein Sof

Demo - 2002

1. Olam Ein Sof
2. Hecate Chant
3. Lost in the Darkest Forest
4. Reverie Castle



1. The Arrival
2. Gazing Into Horizons of Serenity
3. Olam Ein Sof
4. Reverie Castle
5. Princess of My Ancient Kingdom
6. Meeting Whith the Black Knight
7. Avalon
8. Lost in the Darkest Forest
9. Hecate Chant
10. Shadowy Universe
11. Valley of Hades
12. A Última Batalha
13. Risen of the Chosen One

Celtic Mythology


1. Macha
2. Arthur
3. Manannan Mac Lir
4. Morrigham
5. Oghma
6. Cerridwem
7. Green Man
8. Brighid
9. Merlin
10. Fin Mac Cuill
11. Lugh
12 Maeve
13. Flidias

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