S | Sarissa
Style : Hellenic Heavy Metal
Status: Active
Country : Greece
Band Members :
Jim A.D. Selalmazidis - Guitars, bass, backing vocals, keyboards
Nick Iglezos - Vocals
Bill Kanakis - Drums

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SARISSA started out at the end of 1985 as an ordinary heavy metal band. This was the beginning of a long way, until we became the most popular cult band, here in Hellas. Finally, after some military problems of our singer and the making of our own recording studio, we proudly present you our new opus titles “Masters of sins”. Some lyrics are inspired by Greek history.

The name:
Sarissa: The main weapon of Alexander the Great's Macedonian phalangite, a spear which extended up to 21 feet and was held with both hands.

Demo 1987

Demo - 1987

1. War for peace
2. Electric axes
3. Turn the power up
4. Thunder
5. Makedonian army
6. Before the light
7. It's your time to play
8. Another love
9. Never say no



1. Intro - Immortal Souls
2. Survival
3. Macedonian Army
4. Marathon
5. Sarissa
6. Atheist
7. King Of All Kings
8. Intro - Strong Wings
9. Winner

CD reissue by Unisound Records in 2002

Masters of Sin


1. Bleed (Till the End)
2. To These Powers (I Swear)
3. The Ancient Land Falls
4. Masters of Sins
5. Envious Critics
6. Nemesis
7. Starvation
8. Deathdance
9. The Struggle
10. Hypocrisy Crusade

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