S | Speculum Mortis
Style : Pagan Black Metal
Status: Active
Country : Italy
Band Members :
Lord of Pestilence - vocal & lead guitar
Nurthur- bass guitar
Saligia - guitar
Count Decameron - drum

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Speculum Mortis is a Pagan Black Metal band from North Italy formed in 2003.
After several changes, Speculum Mortis has now the definitive line-up. Speculum Mortis' sound is influenced by the old black metal school and medieval themes, with original and personal adds from the previous experiences of the band members. Lyrics and atmospheres are about historical macabre themes, such as the pest in Italy and Europe in 1348, which is the concept of the first full-length CD, titled "1348".

The name:
Mirror of Death



1. 1347 (intro)
2. macabre triumph
3. the march of black death
4. livor mortis
5. speculum verae penitentia
6. pogrom
7. vado mori
8. speculum mortis (part 1)
9. san leonardo fossamala
10. outro (1350 goodbye medieval time)

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