T | Thronar
Style : Battle Metal
Status: Active
Country : the Netherlands
Band Members :
Reamon Bloem: Guitar & Vocals (Heidevolk)
Otto van Beusekom: Guitar & Vocals
Bouke Braun: Bas
Nathalia Hoogkamer: Synthesizer
Elwin Molenaar: Drums

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Thronar plays battle metal: a mix of majestic, bombastic and melodic mid-tempo black metal with some heavy metal influence.
Otto and Reamon (both guitars and vocals) started a band named Cerberus back in 1998. Their goal was to create a kind of music that takes you back into a world of dragons, dwarves, elves and other creatures; a world of fantasy. In less than a year the whole band was formed and the preparations for the first demo began. In the Year after the release of "One mans fate" Cerberus noticed that they where often confused with other bands that carried the same name. So at 1 September Cerberus changed his name to Thronar.

Dawn Of A Dark Age

Demo - 1999

1. A journey must begin . . .
2. Chrystal Bridge
3. Trespass through the wicked town of Taron
4. Where shadows lie

One Man's Fate

Demo - 2001

1. Dawn Of A Dark Age
2. To Honour The Moon
3.One Man's Fate
4.Reflections Of The Innersoul


Promo - 2003

1. Gift From The Godīs
2.Sreams Of Thunder
3.Where Sword Axe And Bow Stride Together
4.Crimnor Valora

For Death And Glory


1. To Kill And Be King
2.Gift From The Gods
3.The Hunt For Vengeance
4.Crimnor Valora
5.Dainar's last Rites
6.For Death And Glory
7.Screams of Thunder
8.Where Sword Axe and Bow Strike Together
9.The Butcher's Bill

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