V | Vintersphrøst
Style : Helvetic Viking Metal
Status: Active
Country : Switzerland
Band Members :
Rafi "Berzerk" Kirder - Guitars / Bouzouki, Bass, Drum Computer Programming, Vocals

Sevan "Ragnar" Kirder - Synths / Special F/X / Drum Computer, Flutes / Pipes, Mouth Harp, Vocals

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Vintersphrøst is a 2-Man Viking-Metal Project. The musical style is Power-/ Death-Metal combined with Scandinavian Folk Influences, just for some album releases...just for fun !!!

Nights of Cold


1. Return Home
2. Razorfrost
3. Ragnars Tune
4. Nights of Cold
5. Striking Agony
6. Berzerk speaks
7. Midwinter gone

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