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Welcome to the Gathering of Clans, Folk Metal encyclopedia [feat. Viking, Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Pagan & Hellenic Metal]
The propose of this site is to provide a source of information about Folk influenced Metal bands.

Note 24 Nov: Bloody Hell it's been a LONG time since I last updated the site (sorry still no updates is killing me :)
Thanks to all the bands sending in their info to be added. I've not forgotten about you and as soon as I have the time
I will start adding your bands (I've been listening to songs provided on the sites and there is some mighty fine music!!!)
I will try my best to have some new info within the first few weeks of December.
Forever we stand Invictus!

Heroes passed unto ye we give hail
Mighty men without fear, without shame
Some will say that our pride is a sin
But in their name we'll unite and we're proud to be proud
- Forefather "Proud to be Proud"

To join the Clans:
21 june - Olam Ein Sof [Acoustic Folk]

16 june -
Thronar [Battle Metal]

9 June -
Echo of Dalriada [Folk]
9 June -
Svidgar [Pagan]

25 may -
Speculum Mortis [Pagan Black Metal]

17 may -
Hordak [Pagan]
17 may -
Folkheim [Folk/Black]
17 may -
Death Army [Folk]

8 may -
Odroerir [Medieval/Pagan folk]
8 may -
Lumsk [Viking/Folk]

5 may -
Folkearth [Viking/Folk]
5 may -
Landvaettir [Pagan]
5 may -
Vintersphr°st [Helvetic Viking Metal]
5 may - Eluveitie

26 april -
Heidevolk [Folk]
26 april -
Helheim [Viking]
26 april -
Hagalaz' Runedance [Ambient Folk]

23 april -
Sarissa [Hellenic Heavy Metal]
23 april - ┴smegin [Viking/Folk]
23 april -
Nomans Land [Viking]
News & Updates
- Next Updates: updates are still a bit slow

- Olam Ein Sof new release 'Celtic Mythology' is out. "The songs deal with celtic deity, the idea is a journey inside ourselves by the 12 celtic xamanism steps for an inner evolution."
The Album features guest singer Margarete ┴quila.
one song '
' is available for download and sounds bloody good...check 'em out!

- Olam Ein Sof updated

-The debut album of the Dutch Battle Metallers THRONAR has finally been released by Seven Kingdoms. This stunning album carries on from their impressive 2003 promo CD, creating a masterpiece of their genre.

For more information visit

-Speculum Mortis Band history added


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