Get paid while surfing !

This is an interesting concept : while before you had to view those boring ads that slow everything, you can now get paid just for viewing it ! It just involve having a small window opened while you surf, and while you view the ads displayed in it, you earn money. Then, after a while, you receive the money you've earned by post, as a check. No credit card number ! And it really works !

There are several sites offering this. You'll find some of them below. You will note that it works using a referral system : the peoples you refer earn money, and you also earn a part of it. Everybody wins ! What I mean is that some companies spend a lot of money for their ads. This money is best used if you can receive it, andthis system guarantes them that people will see their ads. So, if you subscribe to one of these (or many, if you want) you'll earn a part of this money... It's better than seeing it going to someone else, isn't it ?

If you wonder what this has to do with Metal, here is a hint : musical instruments are expensive, and you have to eat in order to be able to play. Some extra money could be useful, don't you think ?

So, here are some stuffs. Check them out !