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Updated on October, 25th 2000
All apologises for the delay...

(Note : You will need Guitar-Pro version 2.2 at least to read the partitions files.)

Important ! Read this, please !

   Please check the "Requests" page, and send me if you have anything that could help someone ! After all, you would like someone to do it for you, wouldn't you ?
   And please, do not ask for a crack or anything like this ! This is not the goal of this site. Plus, Guitar-Pro is a really good program, and you really should consider buying it...
   Another thing : I will do partitions from CDs I have, and I buy CDs from bands I like... So, if you do not find your favorite band here, well, I might not have (or even know) it... But someone else might ! So, just ask in the request, and maybe someone can help... And if you find it somewhere else, tell me about it, so that I can put it here...

Thanks for your understanding !

What is it ?

   The Metalsmiths's Lair is a website created with the will to speak about the craftsmen who create Metal music... And to help those who might want to be part of them.
   Here you will find many useful stuffs for musicians who want to play Metal. There are partitions, of course, as well as lessons. You can also post requests if you're looking for special stuffs. Of course, in order for this to work fine, you should answer those requests when you can, and share it with everybody.
   You will also find some infos on bands, and some albums chronicles...

For whom is it ?

   Basically, this is for everyone who enjoy Metal... as a listener, or as a player : everyone who plays (or wants to play) metal, using any instrument should find something useful here. Of course, it means guitar, bass, but also drums, keyboard... I know those are hard to find over the net... And a band is not only a singer, a guitar player and a bass player... So think about your drummer, he might want to find some partitions, too... Well, here are some of them !!! And there will be more, as time goes by... Well, I hope so !!!

How does it work ?

   Partitions are given in a zip compressed file (if you don't have a zip program, try Winzip). This compressed file contains one text (.TXT) file with legal mention, name of the band, the song, as well as technical comments and the lyrics. There is also a Guitar-Pro 2.2(.GTP) file, which is the partition. I use Guitar-Pro because I think it's a really good program, using Midi, but with a Tab notation, so it's better for string-instruments. For others, it can export tracks in Midi format, so any midi editor might give the standard notation. If anyone as problem with that, just contact me, and we'll try to see what we can do.
Lessons may or may not contain a Guitar-Pro file, depending on the subject of the lesson.

This site is also yours !

   You can participate by bringing partitions, or lessons, or just by telling me about ideas on how to improve it. Concerning partitions, I'd prefer Guitar-Pro files, but you can also send Midi files. Text files are welcome, too, but it might take long to translate them, so the others will come first. You can submit partition for any band, providing it plays Metal. If you find mistakes in a partition, don't hesitate to say it.
   Lessons submitted can be about anything concerning Metal. Just send what you'd like to see !
   For those who play in a band, contact me, and I'll put something about your band, if you want.

Legal stuff

The files contained here are their author's own work and represents his interpretation of the song. You may only use these files for private study, scholarship, or research. Do not publish, remove or change anything without permission.