Snowy Shaw of DREAM EVIL
Sascha Maurer of TITAN STEELE

Welcome to Mettle Psychosurgery, a home away from home for metalheads and anyone who has a passion for good music in any form! There are several goals of this page:

  1. To give Prof. ManiC an outlet for his internal conflict!
  2. To spread the word of metal!
  3. To entertain and educate the members of the metal family!
  4. To break down the stereotypes that the masses have about metal and its fans!
  5. To show the intelligence and passsion of band members!
  6. To bring to the forefront the other people that make the metal scene rock!
  7. To let people know what an idiot Prof. ManiC really is!

Now that you have a better understanding of the pages goals I can explain to you the tools that it will be using!

  1. RAMBLINGS: This section is Prof. ManiC's personal quest through his own mind as he faces his flaws and tries to eliminate them from his personality, in hopes that one day he will like himself.

  2. INTERVIEWS: In side you will find a melting pot of metal knowleadge as Prof. ManiC tries to know the mind of the metal GODS themselves! Who knows you may find out something about yourself from them!

  3. SURGEONS: Enter the halls of fame and find out who Prof. ManiC lets operate on his sanity on a daily basis!

  4. MEDS: Find yourself a metal prescription to ease the pain of your emotions or help a certain emotion bubble to the surface!

  5. LIBRARY: View Prof. ManiC's collection of metal artifacts!

  6. DATABASE: Know a good metal jukebox/bar or a secret CD shop that you want the world to know about? Well here you can get it posted for all to see!

  7. REVIEWS: Your typical cd review section by the nontypical Prof.ManiC!

  8. INTERACTIVE: Voting and Forums to share your two cents worth.

  9. RADIO: Check out Prof. ManiC's net radio stations or other ones of note!

  10. GAMES: Video Game Reviews and even some Heavy Metal Games to Play!

  11. ESCAPE: Links to get you the hell away from the "few fries short of a happy meal" Prof. Manic!

  12. CONTACT: Bug Prof. Manic and find out about the dumb shit.


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