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Yes...even Prof.ManiC the self proclaimed Metal Scientist has to answer to someone else. That someone else is Damian Smolko, whose mind and body the madman Prof.ManiC inhabits. Being two different sides of the same coin these two beings are aware of each others existence and can interact with each other and at rare times when Prof.ManiC can put up with Damian's loser mentallity. So leave it to someone as crazy as Prof.Manic to interview himself and let the whole world witness it!
Prof.ManiC: So geekboy what got you into metal in the first place!
Damian Smolko: hmmm..well you'll laugh but back in the day I was into rap..stuff like RUN DMC, Ghetto Boys, NWA and Ice-T but my favorite songs were always the heavy guitar based ones. But even before that when I was little brat I would always listen to my mom's Pat Benatar,Queen and Alice Cooper 8 tracks! But it wasn't until I was abit older that I found out what real metal was. One day a friend of mine ended up with a case of stolen tapes no one wanted cause they were all heavy metal stuff like Helloween, King Diamond, Metal Church and Hallows Eve. There was other stuff too but I'm too senile to remember. Around the same time as I started to dabbling with those tapes I heard Manowars "Fighting the World" tape and saw the King Diamond Video for "Them" on USA's Night Flight. I was hooked.
Prof.ManiC: RAP huh? Gee you must love the Nu-metal scene then you poser!!!
Damian Smolko: Nope, its not new metal it's RETRO RAP just instead of black guys doing it, its white kids from rich neighborhoods. Hell Run DMC's Rising Hell and Ice- T's "the Bitch tried to kill me" is heavier then half that nu metal crap out now.
Prof.ManiC: So was the Fat Boys your first concert ever then?
Damian Smolko: No Smart Ass, my first concert ever was Manowar in 94 even though I was listening to metal for years before that.
Prof.ManiC: What kind of bands did you get into at first?
Damian Smolko: Stuff I could track down in normal stores, before I understood that mainstream stores didn't sell all the CD's they should and that they corner the market on crap! I mostly got into stuff like OVERKILL, METAL CHURCH, KING DIAMOND, WRAITHCHILD AMERICA and IRON MAIDEN. I hated Judas Priest cause I thought the singer sounded gay compared to King Diamond. I was kinda right huh? lol
Prof.ManiC: HAHAHA..NOT! What do you think are some of the most important METAL (not rap!) CD's that helped in converting your ass to real MUSIC!
Damian Smolko: Manowar's "Fighting the World", OverKill's "Years Of Decay", Helloween's "Keeper Of Seven Keys" all of them opened my eyes alot. Plus the first Century Media sampler opened up a new world of metal for me. Thats when I went out and started my Iced Earth, Nevermore, Stuck Mojo, Tiamat and Sentenced collections. So honestly I have to say that was the best 3 bucks I ever spent. Also I traded a couple tapes with songs from different bands with some guy I met at a concert at the Agora in Cleveland, the stuff he sent me was stuff like Rage, Grave Digger, Skyclad, and Blind Guardian, after that I then realized that the metal world was much bigger then I ever thought.
Prof.ManiC: Since you started into metal late you missed the glory years of Heavy Metal?
Damian Smolko: Yea kind of! Metal was going into a decline once I really started to like it. Just my luck! I only got to see a couple HeadBangers Balls before it started getting lame. Never really got to enjoy it in it's heyday.
Prof.ManiC: So how did you end up learning so much about metal, if it was in its decline by the time you got into.
Damian Smolko: Well before I remembered that computers existed, I used drive people crazy trying to find my Metal Maniacs and Brave Words & Broken Knuckles. Then once I remembered that computers existed and I adapted to using something besides my old trusty Commodore 64 (R.I.P) I would research stuff on the internet.
Prof.ManiC: Research Metal? I thought only Doctors, Scientists and Nerds did research!
Damian Smolko: Maybe so! But remember your a so called "doctor" and a Metal nerd those ideas had to come from somewhere! It was that logic that I used to come up with the idea of that would become Prof.ManiC. At first I was gonna use the name Prof.Mosh but i found two other uses of it. One a metal site and the other some gay ass Brit in a lame ass band. So I figured I would mix the Doctor, Scientist and Nerd idea and the psychological aspects of how metal makes me feel most of the time, and I came up with Prof. Manic!
Prof.ManiC: Dude you are so full of it! You didn't come up with me! I came up with you! Everyone one knows that every Superman needs his nerdy Clark Kent!
Damian Smolko: Think what you will! What came first the chicken or the egg!?
Prof.ManiC: Ok assuming that is true then how did I come up with the idea to do a website about Heavy Metal!
Damian Smolko: Well you didn't come up with the idea! I did cause I was bored in Sandusky after most of my Pallbearers had left and I was sick of working meaningless jobs.Since I did my metal research on metal websites I started trying to learn how they worked. So maybe I could one day have one too! So I thought up the identity of Prof. Manic and wanted to name my page the Mental Moshpit cause it reflected both my mental state and the fact that I liked bands that had intelligent music and lyrics. Instead of the boring old SATAN bands with Cookie monster vocals! But since I really didn't know what I was doing when I first started I didn't want to give the "Mental Moshpit" a bad name so I came up with the name "Heavy Metal Psychosurgery" and later changed it to "Heavy Mettle Psychosurgery" cause the definaton of Mettle fit Heavy Metal to a tee! The name grew on me so much that I decided to stick with it, so I named my interview section Mental Moshpit instead.
Prof.ManiC: Yea whatever....So since you claim to know so much about metal what are the best kept secrets when it comes to metal bands!?
Damian Smolko: I would have to say bands like Skyclad, The Wierd Lord Slough Feg, Bronx Casket Company, Overlorde, Cauldron Born and the now defuct Hollow are the hidden gems in my collection.
Prof.ManiC: I also thought they were the best kept secrets in metal till now..thanks for nothing! Now everyone knows dumbass!
Damian Smolko: Thats ok, I love their music and would gladly spread the word to metal masses. I'm in this for the metal, not for the chicks, being cool or getting free demos. Most of the work I've done for others in scene has been for free so I'm surely not doing it for the cash!
Prof.ManiC: What a kind soul you are! SIKE! I think your just jumping on the bandwagon since metal is getting noticed again!
Damian Smolko: Nope, I'll was there during the lean years and I'll be there through the good ones until the next time metal has to retreat from view again. Im on this ship for life! I'm loyal to the music!
Prof.ManiC: Sure, Sure! Is there anything about the metal scene that doesn't give you a hard on?
Damian Smolko: Well the overuse of the GENRES nowadays suck...I miss the old days of just plain old heavy metal. Now we have Black metal, Death Metal, Power Metal, True Metal, Progresive Metal, Doom Metal, Stoner Metal,and the Gothenburg Sound, what will labels think of next? Will they give a genre to hybrids of the other genres! It's getting out of hand! I used to love the stuff that is now called Power metal but I'm so sick of all the copycat bands out that sound just like Helloween back in the day! Thanks for nothing Hammerfall, no wonder most of the members went back to their REAL bands! Thats why I'm researching bands that have intelligent lyrics and music cause I'm so sick of the cheese!
Prof.ManiC: Nice soapbox lecture preacher! So besides metal what do you waste your existance on?
Damian Smolko: Lots of stuff...Mythology, Cryptozoology, Philosophy, Astronomy, Dinosaurs, Horror Movies, Discovery Channel, ESPN, Football, Basketball,Self-loathing, Fantasy Movies, Cartoons, Farting, Computers, My Pallbearers, Learning From my mistakes, Martial Arts, Egypt, Australia, Nature, Walking and lots of stuff I haven't even found yet. Plus I been working on Web design stuff and learning how to play the guitar. I just got a metallic blue B.C Rich Bich to fart around with.
Prof.ManiC: What are some of your influences??
Damian Smolko:

Lots of stuff...

PEOPLE: Bigfoot, Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawkings, H.P Lovecraft, Robert E Howard, Todd Macfarlane, Travis Smith, ThomasWelch, Bart Sears, Jackie Chan, Hill Billy Jim, The 3 Stooges, Godzilla, Bruce Campbell, Bill Paxton, Jeffery Combs.

MOVIES: Red Dawn, Aliens, The Drunken Master, From Dusk til Dawn, Army Of Darkness, The Toxic Avenger, Hawk The Slayer, The Frightners, 13th Warrior, Mystery Men, Conan The Barbarian, Fearless Hyena

Prof.ManiC: So what do you plan on doing with your life and this website??
Damian Smolko: Well Im trying to get a degree in Computer Science so I can use my hyperactive imagination to my advantage in the video game world.If I do I'm sure heavy metal stuff will be hidden through out the stuff I work on,kinda like the anime guy did with BASTARD. Perhaps I'll come up with some Heavy Metal games for the site in the future! Once I get my loans paid off I would like to prehaps promote a show or something. Only time will tell!
Prof.ManiC: Do you have any advice for people who want to be part of the metal scene?
Damian Smolko:

No not really I don't give advice cause we all have to follow our own path and not someone elses. But do I do have some wacky sayings that I use almost daily!


"Can't hurt steel, can't move moutains and you can't catch lightling so you lost the battle before it began!",

"Thoughts are like zits the more you fuck with them the bigger and uglier they get"

"The bait hides the hook",

"If god exists he has a sense of humor and farts prove it!",

"As long as I'm miserable I'll live forever but as soon as I'm Happy, I'm screwd!",

"Pain builds character!!"

"Metalhead is the best head baby!"

Prof.ManiC: Well you have bored me any final comments?
Damian Smolko: yea, but since I don't have anything nice to say I wont say anything at all!

    Copyright 1999-2012 Damian "Prof. Manic" Smolko