Welcome to your salvation,this page is here to help those metalheads who have problems dealing with their emotions by using the genre of metal music to either enhance the feelings so that you can understand it and realize that you are not the only one who has to struggle with these feelings. The other method is to fight the emotions with music and lyrics that battle the feelings into submission and bring hope where there was none. If those two methods don't work then there is always the old standby of headbanging yourself into exhaustion. This page will evolve as I evolve as a person and a web designer. Hopefully the evolution of both will grow alongside the evolution of metal as an art form and a lifestyle.

Use the following chart to select what seems to be bothering you and follow my prescription
and see how you feel afterwards. I'm sure there will be a couple that you agree with and others you will disagree with so either way leave me some feedback.



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