Ahhhh....the 80's the fond memories they bring back, who would of guessed in the years where the Care Bears, Smurfs and guys that looked like chicks ruled! That if you knew where to look you could find some of the best metal ever made from the bands Iron Maiden, Manowar and Judas Priest! The metal torch they carried showed the world the brillance and power of metal, and from that gleaming torch embers of molten metal drifted down under to MELBOURNE where they were caught by two growing boys who quickly absorbed them into their very being. They soon learned to harness that power and with it they would summon a PEGAZUS and spread the wisdom of "the ones who came before" to a new age.........until one day some annoying dweeb tricked them into playing "almost 20 questions".
Johnny Stoj is the elder of the two and the Mastermind/Guitarist behind the power metal band Pegazus, as he looked for a way to escape I was able to learn the following from him.......

Prof.ManiC: How has the response to "Breaking The Chains" been? Is its selling good in anyplace you didn't expect it to do well in? How many have you sold?
Johnny Stoj: The reaction to the album has been fantastic and that's coming from the fans and media response so far which is totally cool. This album has actually been selling better outside of Germany which is where 'Wings Of Destiny' did very well and now the new album is doing better everywhere else around Europe and many other places in the world which is pretty overwhelming for us indeed. We haven't been informed of the album sales figures but I figure that it would be possibly around the same figure as the 'Wings' album which was like 25,000 to 30,000 copies???
Prof.ManiC: How is the search for a new vocalist going? Are you looking for someone with pretty much the same voice or are you going to try something new with the vocals? Are you looking just in Australia or what? Who would be a dream come true if they called about the job?
Johnny Stoj: We have just announced our new vocalist to the fans and it's all there on the Official Pegazus website at: www.pegazus.net He is from here in Australia and his name is Rob Thompson and I wouldn't really compare him to anyone at the moment because every vocalist does have their own style and approach and so far we are pretty confident with his voice and attitude. We weren't really looking for someone like Danny vocally, just someone with a great voice for heavy metal and a great attitude who is going to suit the band and our music...someone who wants to simply have a great time rockin and rollin 100%!
Prof.ManiC: Do you think you will find someone in time to get some touring done this year for the new cd or are you gonna take your time and get the right guy even if it might delay touring for awhile?
Johnny Stoj: Our main focus has been to find the right guy for the band irregardless of how long it was going to take because we really don't want to go through any more line up changes like we have in the past and now that we have done that, we will be doing some live shows locally here in Australia only in December. We won't be able to tour the 'Breaking The Chains' album because there has been a huge gap from when it was released to now and besides, now that Rob is the new vocalist, we would rather work on new songs which we plan to do very soon and record a new album and tour that instead with songs from both of our previous albums of course, so it should be a pretty awesome set when we hit the touring trail next year.
Prof.ManiC: I heard that someone at Nuclear blast tipped you off to Danny having a new band, is that because they were protecting you guys or because they were interested in the other band also? What kinda of hell would you give NB if they signed them and promoted harder then you guys?
Johnny Stoj: No, we weren't actually tipped off by them at all. Some guys here in Melbourne locally were discussing this crap quite openly and aloud so I did the natural thing and that was ask NB what was going on and then they confirmed the news to me about what Danny was doing behind our backs...I really wouldn't care if they signed his band and promoted them harder or not because my life and direction is always Pegazus 100% and I couldn't careless about someone elses affairs really because in this band nothing else matters but Pegazus and our true fans!
Prof.ManiC: I also heard that your bassist Corey has left and joined another band, is this true? If so how did it make you feel to get doubled dumped? Any idea who will replace him?
Johnny Stoj: That was a rumour that was circulated buy one particular anti-Pegazus person here in Melbourne who was just trying the stir the pot with more shit as usual but we put up with crap like that alot down here, it doesn't phase us at all...Anyhow, Cory is still definitely a member of Pegazus and we only recently recorded a couple of Thin Lizzy covers for another tribute album and it was myself on guitar and vocals, Cory on Bass and Robbie on drums. We did this as a 3 piece between the time of Danny being booted out and just before our new vocalist came aboard, so you can expect a special Pegazus EP CD which should be available at the end of this year...
Prof.ManiC: How did you guys get Andreas Marschall to do the cover for "Chains"? Was it made special for you guys? How was working with him?
Johnny Stoj: Andreas was suggested to us by NB since the day we got signed and we re released the 'Wings Of Destiny' album in 1998...he did that album cover too which was great! The new album 'Breaking The Chains' cover was a concept design that I personally came up with and suggested it to the band and everyone liked it so we went with it and then asked our close friend artist/tattooist Frank Aquilina to draw and sketch the original idea that we had for an album cover. After all that, we sent the final sketch to Andreas Marschall who then made our sketch and idea into a typical masterpiece that he is known for which we totally loved very much...he has once again excelled and done a great job for Pegazus.
Prof.ManiC: Have you even thought about the new CD yet? If so what inside scope can you give me about it? =-)
Johnny Stoj: We have thought about the new album alot because we have been writing new songs for awhile now and also deciding on album cover designs and stuff but so many things can change with the final outcome of ideas and stuff so it wouldn't be cool to mention something too soon if you know what I mean. We are actually planning to record in December/January which would mean a worldwide release around 3 months after that in April/May 2001...if we keep it a surprise, I think that makes it more exciting for everyone when it's released... :o)
Prof.ManiC: How much input does Robbie have on lyrics or music for the band?
Johnny Stoj: Robbie hasn't written any lyrics in the band yet but that will change very soon because I know that he has a talent to express himself in word...I have seen glimpses of it in the past and it's just a matter of the timing being right for him because he is so busy with other parts of his very busy life. He has definitely had a very big input in the music from day one in this band because he compliments my guitar playing with his own style of playing better than anyone I've played with before and we do feel comfortable playing together because we also have a good feel for what we are capable of doing with one another...shit, we've played together just in this band alone since 1990 when this dream we created and called Pegazus was just starting to come to life.
Prof.ManiC: Is there times when you two don't agree about the direction of the band? How do you guys settle it? Who's dream is Pegazus?
Johnny Stoj: I think that Robbie would quite openly tell you that Pegazus was my dream from the beginning from something I was conjuring up during the late 80's when I was just a typical metal hungry fan would be guitarist/songwriter...but the big picture of this dream definitely includes Robbie just as much as me because it was something that I envisioned that we would do together for many, many years. We have had some tiny arguments and disagreements along the way over the years but I think that, that was more around the earlier years of the band when we were younger and probably a little more fiery than the easy going relaxed guys we are now. It's very natural for brothers in family to have conflicts and in a band situation it's not much different except that you now have 3 other brothers too, to get along with if you know what I mean? Robbie has alot of faith in the songs and stuff that I have been writing for Pegazus since the beginning because we are very much into the same bands and influences from the 80's metal which makes it so much easier for me...hahaha :o)
Prof.ManiC: With songs like "Life on mars" and "chariots of the gods" I'd guess you are kinda a "believer" have you had an experience with UFO's? Why do you think they would bother with us? Is it because they have a bet going on when we will destroy our planet or ourselves? Do you think we will find out the truth in our lifetime?
Johnny Stoj: Some people believe and some don't, I guess I am one of the believers that they do exist...I've never sighted one but with the many reports of sightings for centuries, how can you not be open to believe they are out there in the universe too. We exist as humans on this planet and the universe is bigger than humanly possible to imagine, so why not think that other life exists too. I don't think that we will find the truth to such a phenomenon in our lifetime because of the repercussions something like that could have on people living in this world...it could be too scary for some to fathom...We probably will destroy each other before knowing many of life's keys and secrets...hahahaha
Prof.ManiC: Some times i think that you and Jon Schaffer(of iced earth) could be long lost brothers because you guys kinda look alike to me. Has anyone noticed this before or I'm I the only one? Speaking of Iced Earth what do you think of them? What do you think of Jon's playing? Whats your favorite Iced Earth songs?
Johnny Stoj: Hahahahaha....that's the first time I have ever heard that, it must be just you...hahaha I have heard some of their stuff and they are absolutely great but I haven't heard enough to really know their songs and stuff...I really liked what I have heard of them so far and more power to 'em!
Prof.ManiC: My dream is to on day come to Australia so there a couple questions about you home I would like to ask! What are the best Metal Bars/clubs? What part of Australia to this day puts you in awe and makes you glad you live there? Is the rumor about like a 4 to 1 female to male ratio true?
Johnny Stoj: The metal scene here is pretty dead compared to overseas but they do try and make an effort to keep it alive which is great for band's like us...At the moment there is only one cool venue that really supports metal and it's called 'The Cathouse'...a real rock metal place for bands to play and hang out with other devoted metal fans! I'm not being biased about this but living in the city of Melbourne is just awesome, so many tourists also think the same and it's true, we really are the city that has the best nightlife and with so many other cool things to do too. I think the female ratio could be a little exagerated...but if you do go out clubbing you will notice more females than guys but hey that sounds ok to me....hahaha :o)
Prof.ManiC: Are there any other metal bands from Australia that you think I should check out? Is there anyone you guys consider Pegazus's brothers in metal?
Johnny Stoj We have been around quite a few years on this scene and have seen so many bands come and go over those years but their have been some great bands that we have played shows with in the past year that are great and one of them is called 'Sithlord'...they are a very 80's sounding thrash metal band, very cool indeed and great guys too!
Prof.ManiC: I've heard from a couple Aussie's that I have met in the States that most of you guys can't stand the "Crocidile Hunter"? How do you feel about him? Is he giving you guys a good or bad image?
Johnny Stoj: I actually don't mind him. I think that his shows are pretty entertaining at times and besides I would rather watch him battle it out with Crocodiles than me...hahaha...they are pretty scary looking mothers....hahaha
Prof.ManiC: Since my page is devoted to metal and using it to help people control or at least understand their emotions, mind telling us what you like to do when your feeling down or pissed off to take you mind off it?(It doesn't have to be music related!)
Johnny Stoj: When I'm feeling down or just not in the mood to deal with certain things in my life, I usually would just go to the movies and see a film to get my mind off stuff...I find it easy like that for me to getaway and switch off when I have too, it's my way of escape for a short time which usually helps me personally alot, besides, I absolutely love watching movies at the cinema's, that is one of my favourite past times or otherwise I would just go and visit some friends and just hang out with them for a laugh and chat.
Prof.ManiC: Who are some of your favorite Lyricists and Guitarists in metal today? Why do you like them?
Johnny Stoj: I really like Steve Harris and Adrian Smith as songwriters, they have some pretty cool ideas and stuff coming out of them which I have enjoyed for many years as a fan too! I really like writers like the late Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy, he wrote some very great lyrics and poetry in his time. Ritchie Blackmore's guitar playing even to this day has me in total awe, I just love his style, sound and all round ability but my alltime favourite is the late Randy Rhoads who was just totally awesome...when I crank up the 'Blizzard Of Oz' album to this day, his playing just blows me away...what an axe killer!
Prof.ManiC: ANy final Comments?
Johnny Stoj: We would be absolutely thrilled to tour in the USA and if there is a great reaction there for Pegazus with the next album, it might just be possible to be there in 2001 on our next tour...We would very much like to play there and finally meet the many cool fans...hopefully that day may come one day soon! "Metal Forever to all of our American Pegazus Warriors!!!" "You Guys Fucking Rock!"
Prof.ManiC: BONUS INFO sent to me by Johnny!
Johnny Stoj: PEGAZUS - Breaking The Chains
Track by Track by Johnny Stoj...

Metal Forever -

This is purely a Heavy Metal anthem for the true
metal fan about the ressurgance of heavy metal nowadays which is rising up strong again on the music scene like in the 80's era... It is also about the feeling of being united together again as metal fans used to be and that now it is time to show our allegiance and faith to the world stronger than ever before.

The Crusade -

A song purely about going from battle to battle like in the old days when there were Vikings and also how they would fight till death with no feeling of fear at all which is where the lyric 'Never Surrender' in the song suited the actual imagery behind the whole poetic story...These olden day warriors are very similar to Heavy Metal fans of nowadays, very loyal to one another and united they stand strong for what they believe in.

Queen Evil -

About an evil hearted woman of course who only gets pleasure in making your life as miserable as possible, suffering under her evil, wicked games and tricks...a story from experience really!

Breaking the Chains -

Another Heavy Metal anthem about the true strong believers of Heavy Metal music and how it is all that we live and breath. Breaking free to conquer all music, after all "The Metal Spirit is Forever Free"!!!

Tears of the Angels -

The lyrics on this song were written by Danny and they are about the dark side of humanity's involvment withReligion that constantly surface in a negative way in so manyworldwide issues today...I just wrote the cool guitar riff arrangement...hehehehehe

Chariots of the Gods -

A song about UFO's and extraterrestrials that have been visting the earth for many years watching man since the days of the Pharoahs to this very day and still we can't establish due to government conspiracies whether they do exist or not but in this song they do and that is purely my own belief and opinion as it is with many people in the world.

Emerald Eyes -

An acoustic guitar instrumental that was inspired by my love for twin guitar harmonies. This is sort of a dedication to the late great Philip Lynott who was the founder of classic Irish band Thin Lizzy and that's why I called it Emerald Eyes.

Bastards of War -

This song was originally recorded on the bands first self titled album from 1995 but we re-recorded it because the lineup back then was with a different vocalist and bass player and that first album was never released by a label so we decided to redo a classic pegazus song from our past with the new and much improved lineup. This is a song about the realities of what happens in wars which I personally am against because I don't think that they accomplish anything but misery, loss and hatred...something the world can definitely do with out!

Apache Warriors -

Another song from the bands first album that was a classic in our earlier days which we felt just needed to be redone so it could also be heard by our fans overseas. This song is about the struggles that the American Indians like the Apache tribe suffered during their conflicts with white man in the early day settlements of America. A topic that really interests me and always has is the culture of the American Indians, so I decided to write a song about them.
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