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True Metal?? Thrash Metal?? or just plain old heavy metal?? When it comes to genres the band PARAGON is a tough band to just fit into one. So I can't really use the generic genre description that most writers like to use to describe them So how about this, think Grave Digger with way better vocals and a shitload faster but just as catchy! After hearing their album "Law of The Blade" I was hooked. Pure metal Bliss and then some, hell the least exciting track on the ablum sounds like an Iron Savior song, thats how good that album and these guys are. They also have a new album out that I plan to get as soon as I can find it in the states and I get my school textbooks paid off. Laugh!! Textbooks are a scam!! But thank the metal gods that PARAGON is not!! And thank the metal gods that Bassist Jan Bünning was bored enough to be bothered by ignorance of a band I had just found.

Prof.ManiC: Can you give me a brief history of the Band? Why were you interested in being apart of it?
Jan Bünning: Paragon was already formed in 1992 by main songwriter and guitarist Martin Christian. The band had many line-up changes and recorded their first official album "World Of Sin" after they released a self-financed MCD "Into The Black" in 1994.
After the release of "World Of Sin" Paragon toured with Tankard but soon Martin decided to break up the band because it seemed some of the band members didn't put any effort into the band anymore.
He still kept on writing songs and after about one year he met singer Andreas Babuschkin and decided to record a demo with him. It turned out pretty good and Martin asked Claudius Cremer (guitar) and Markus Corby (drums) of the last touring line up if the are ready to rejoin the band. Last addition was Jan Bünning on bass.
After a few months the recorded "Final Command" and soon after "Chalice of Steel" for B.O. Records and also played Wacken and the club show of the Bang Your Head Festival.
As the band was not satisfied with the promotion B.O. did for "COS" the left the label and in 2000 signed a contract with Remedy Records after performing a gig at the Headbanger´s Open Air. For Remedy Paragon recorded three records so far - "Steelbound" 2001, "Law Of The Blade" 2002 and now "The Dark Legacy" which were all very successful and they also toured for "Steelbound" in 2001 with Iron Savior and for "Law Of The Blade" with Gamma Ray through Europe.
I joined Paragon right after quitting Asmodis / Stone Cold Black - which was not a bad band but they were much too much into drugs and alcohol and very unprofessional so I quit them. Paragon was the first band which came into my mind when I quit and it was really unbelievable but the same day Martin asked me to join Paragon!
Prof.ManiC: As a band are there common interests and influences with most of the members? If so what are they?
Jan Bünning: We are all into Porno Movies - hargh, hargh!
No serious we all have our regular jobs besides Paragon so there is not much too hang around with the other guys except when we rehearse, record or have gigs. We all like fantasy, SF and horror movies and band wise we also have some common favourites like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden (first two records), Saxon, Accept, Agent Steel, Overkill, Metal Church, Slayer etc.
Prof.ManiC: How is the new album "The Dark Legacy" doing sells wise?? Is there a US release or will I have to get it import?
Jan Bünning: The release date was just about one month ago so it's still much too early to know any sales numbers! We / Remedy Records are looking for a reliable US company but so far we / Remedy Records were not successful in signing a US record deal. So I am afraid you have to buy the import.
Prof.ManiC: What direction are you guys trying to go with on the new Album?
Jan Bünning: "Law Of The Blade" was a very "perfect" and not very spontaneous album - on "The Dark Legacy" we wanted to sound more live and not prepared every song in advance to the last detail. We also had less time in the studio and made some live shows at the same time. It's more aggressive and live as our previous albums - at least I hope so.

Prof.ManiC: What are some of the topics covered by the lyrics?
Jan Bünning: It's a pure fantasy story - the hero of the last records inherits and old house and finds a book with spells which serves as a key to a door into different dimensions which hides beyond a mirror. In these dimensions he has to survive a lot of different adventures.

Prof.ManiC: The song "Empire's Fall" is that a tribute to Piet Sielck and Iron Savior or is the fact that it sounds like an Iron Savior song just happen?
Jan Bünning: To be honest Empire´s Fall was the song on "LOTB" Piet had the most input on - but it´s not really a tribute. Maybe it sounds like Iron Savior because Piet and us have the same influences like Priest, Saxon, Accept.
To be honest we are all not very much into German bands…

Prof.ManiC: What inspired the lyrics for "Abducted"? What is your general feeling about the UFO phenomenon? Do you think ancient people learned from aliens? Do you think the government is in contact with them now? Would you let Aliens give you an anal probe? Or do you think it is a bunch of crap?
Jan Bünning: I really don´t know what especially inspired Buschi to the lyrics of Abducted but to be honest I think it´s just simple story!
My opinion is that it would be arrogant to think we are the only species in this vast universe. It´s hard to say if the government already is in contact or at least knows something about any alien species but of course there are several incidents (like Roswell) which let me think that there IS something going on.
Prof.ManiC: Is the girl inside the "Law of Blade" a mascot or just a picture? Who is she based off of? Does she have a name?
Jan Bünning: It´s quite simple: It´s my beautiful girlfriend Katrin. The first idea of the "LOTB" story was about a planet full of amazons and as I had made some photos of Katrin dressed as Amazon it fit perfect. The story was changed a little bit but the picture was too good not to use it. You can see the rest of the "Amazon" photos and many other nice pictures on her webpage at
Prof.ManiC: Who are your Bass Gods?
Jan Bünning: I am not so much into this "archetype" thing but if you force me to name a few I would say Pete Steele - he has a very special style and is a good songwriter and Ian Hill because he plays very simple but PERFECT for Metal music.
Prof.ManiC: How would you describe the local metal underground? Do the bands get along or is there backstabbing? How do you guys decide who has to buy the beer? Are there a lot of places to play?
Jan Bünning:

Most of the bands get along quite well - even the "big" ones like Gamma Ray and Iron Savior help the "small" ones like us and Stormwarrior but sometimes there is also some jealousy but no real big deal.
If we buy the others a drink we prefer Jägermeister instead of beer.

The one who comes last to rehearsal has to buy the drinks!

Prof.ManiC: What do you like better the "new" Grave Digger sound or the Rebellion sound? Why?
Jan Bünning: I prefer Uwe Lullies (Rebellion) guitar playing but to be honest I don´t like both of the bands very much because both bands lack in songwriting. The second Rebellion is better than the first one but still not a highlight and Grave Digger seemed to have lost the ability to write good songs these days.

Well since I found out about you guys because of thanks lists of other bands, can you please tell me what some of the bands on your thank list sound like and why you thanked them?

Crystal Shark??

Jan Bünning: It´s an old school style Heavy Metal Band from Hamburg we drink a beer with from time to time at the Headbanger´s Ballroom.

Prof.ManiC: Noise Forrest??

Jan Bünning: They play more or less Doomcore like Crowbar and are from Kiel. We played one gig with them but still have contact with the bass player Boris who is really a nice guy
Prof.ManiC: Arctic Fields??
Jan Bünning: It´s young Prog Metal band from Hamburg - they are also hang around at the Headbanger´s.
Prof.ManiC: Wheels of Steel??

Jan Bünning: Saxon Cover band - also guest and barflies of the Headbager´s…
Prof.ManiC: Xiron??
Jan Bünning: A Power Metal band like Iced Earth we made a few gigs with - they are from Osnabrück
Prof.ManiC: Any final Comments??

Jan Bünning: Stay Metal and watch out for our USA invasion we plan to do next year with our friends of Twisted Tower Dire in March 2004.

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Thanx for the interview!