Digging thru a CD bin at the MISSIONS OF THE MONOLITH I found tow CD's the classic JAG PANZER - AMPLE DESTRUCTION and PREMONITION - WE ARE METAL and guess what? "We are Metal" from the Florida based Premonition turned out to be better then a CD that I have been looking for over 5 years! I was surprised too! Songs like "We are metal" , "Hang Em High" , and "The Last Mellenium" are the stuff of classic Manowar! Hearing "We are metal" is comparable to the awe of hearing "Metal Daze" for the first time! WOW!
After such a great album I had to try to crawl in the bands head, so I tracked down the vocalist known as TATTOO FRANK and begged and groveled for an interview till he felt pity on me, or decided that this shoes had enough spit on them!

Prof.ManiC: Can you give me a short run down of the bands history? Who are the remaining founding members and what bands did you guys come from and how did you guys decide to go the direction that the band finally did?
Tattoo Frank : We formed in 1997 with original members Count Dane on guitar, Doug Mirly on drums, Shirann on bass, and myself on vocals - we released "He is Rising".  The direction has ALWAYS been heavy metal - - anything I've every done has been heavy metal.  In 1998 Adam joined the band along with John, Pam on bass, and Doug remaining on drums and we released "Fame Has a Price".  After this CD we booted Pam and Gorilla joined on bass and we released "We Are Metal" and "Daily Suicide Live" both in 1999.  Soon after this John quit leaving Adam as the only guitar player and Doug left the band for a short period of time being replaced by Rich on drums for 2001 release "Prozac and Razor Blades".  In January 2002 we replaced Gorilla with Milo on bass and Rich was replaced by the original drummer - Doug.  Don't know much about the bands they all came from.  Myself I am originally from the Chicago area - I use to sing for an Ozzy/Sabbath tribute called "Scarred" and an original band called "The Altar". 
Prof.ManiC: Who are your biggest vocal influences past, present and who do you wish you could sound like at
Tattoo Frank : My biggest influences are Ozzy, Dio, Bruce Dickinson - wish I could hit those highs like Halford.
Prof.ManiC: With kick-ass metal anthems like "We are Metal" and "The Power of Metal" what are the bands secrets to writing metal anthems? What do you think is mandatory for a song to be a metal anthem?
Tattoo Frank : To me there is no secret - "The Power of Metal" and "We Are Metal" is the way I live my life just put into words.  I don't know what would be mandatory for a song to be a metal anthem - just plain straight up in your face metal with no rap!
Prof.ManiC: With songs like "Prozac and Razorblades" and "The Last Millennium" are you guys trying to make a point or just make fun of social issues and mankind nowadays?
Tattoo Frank : I just make fun of everything I see.  In this politically correct world we live in things are just so damn stupid you just have to kick back and make fun of everything - that is my way of putting the big middle finger up Corporate America's ass!
Prof.ManiC: Why do a western song like "Hang Em High"?  Why do it and why do you think Western songs in metal are so rare? Do you think if bands overseas make songs about
their history which is Knights and Castles do you think songs about the Outlaws and Indian Warcries should be more abundant over here? Why do you think songs like that aren't made?
Tattoo Frank : I don't know - I didn't write that song - Gorilla wrote it!  To be honest with you I really don't like that song - I think I sang it well, but now that the jackass is out of the band I don't have to sing it anymore!!!
Is "Elizabeth" a King Diamond influenced song.or did you guys just do it the way you wanted to?
Tattoo Frank : Actually, after reading the book "The Blood Countess" it just came to me.  I came in with the words, Adam had the riff, and it worked!  No King Diamond influence intended - just lyrics, a damn good riff - made for a good song. 
Prof.ManiC: People think about Florida and think Death Metal, but with you guys, Seasons of the Wolf, Iron Cross, SnoWite, Kamelot and until a couple years ago IcedEarth it seems like there might be a decentunderground for true/prog/power metal...is there?
Which Florida metal bands make you proud which onesmake you cringe? Did I miss any other ones besides Paul O Neil's cover band Savatage?
Tattoo Frank : There is a very good underground here in Florida, but in Ft Lauderdale we are the only true heavy metal band.  I love Iron Cross - those guys rule!!!  Unfortunately, there is a lot of rappin' bull shit going on down here and every show I make it a point to tell them to go fuck themselves.  There is a great young band down here in Ft Lauderdale - all of them are 16 years old - called Metal Militia that kick ass!!!
Prof.ManiC: Were/are you signed? If so with who? If not how did you get "Prozac and Razorblades" released? How do you find/get distribution for it?
Tattoo Frank : We are not signed.  I just put my own label together - we have great people like Sentinel Steel Records, Dave's Records, Steel Gallery in Greece, and many others that buy our CDs and spread them across the world - - hail to all of them!
Prof.ManiC: Why did you guys decide to play the CLASSIC METAL FEST this summer?  Do you think a fest in the US based on just true/power and 80's metal will have a chance to last?
Tattoo Frank : Just to show up and play great metal.  I hope a fest based on true metal has a chance - it's just going to need to get some good names out there.
Prof.ManiC: What is the word on the next CD? Have you guys started on it yet? Have you figured out the metal
anthem yet? Any info would be great?
Tattoo Frank : We are currently working on a half cover/half original called "Covered & Smothered" - we are doing "God of Thunder" by KISS, "Fear of the Dark" by Iron Maiden, "Metal Thrashing Mad" by Anthrax, "Kill With Power" by Manowar and also writing some original stuff.
Prof.ManiC: Why did you guys do your "thanks" list on the "We are Metal" cd instead of the booklet? Was it cheaper to do then printing costs or just too lazy to type it out?
Tattoo Frank : Too lazy - you're right!!!  And, just do do something different - no real intentions there - just something different to do.
Prof.ManiC: What books, CD's or movies have been saving your sanity lately?
Tattoo Frank : Just got done reading "Kiss and Makeup" and Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hillls" - great book.  Been listening to Deceased's "Fearless Undead Machines" and A LOT of old KISS lately and of course, the new Manowar and all of Iron Maidens stuff.
Prof.ManiC: Biggest bitch about Metal nowadays? Best thing to
happen to metal in years?
Tattoo Frank :

My biggest bitch is too many bands are sounding the same and fucking people are rapping over some shit and calling it fucking metal!!!  The best thing to happen to metal in years is Iced Earth - they are one of the best bands out there playing true heavy metal.  "Horror Show" was the best CD of 2001.

Final Comments?
Tattoo Frank : Thank you for the interview.  To all - - KEEP SPREADING THE WORD OF TRUE HEAVY METAL!!!  I would also, like to thank everyone who reads this, everyone who has supported this band from day one in anyway - stay true to your hearts no matter what anyone fucking tells you, no matter what any trend is in at the time - put your fists in the air and scream proudly!!!.
Tattoo Frank